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Rock Bottom?

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Rock Bottom?
Episode No. 23
Production No. 123
Air Date May 19, 2004
Sector Mountains
XANA attack method Causing the ground beneath buildings to turn to mud, which makes the buildings sink.
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Rock Bottom? is the 23rd episode of Code: LYOKO. It aired May 19th, 2004. This is the episode where Odd actually feels real love between a girl - Samantha.


During a three day vacation at the school, the group plans to have a party at Yumi's house. Odd promises to bring a really good DJ at the party. This DJ, named Samantha, is also his girlfriend, who goes to another school. After meeting up, she has Odd take her to the computer room. Once they arrive, she tries to steal a laptop, since she's too poor to afford one. Odd stops her, but ends up being caught by Jim and takes the fall for her.. Meanwhile, Xana causes the ground under the city to melt, making all the buildings sink.

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May 19, 2004
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Ghost Channel

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