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The real Ulrich kissing Sissi to get Yumi out of Trouble.
XANA-Ulrich kissing Sissi to make Yumi jealous in XANA's Kiss
UlrichxSissi, much like Herb's daydreams of him and Sissi being together, is Sissi's imagination running wild and thinking she's Ulrich's girlfriend. For this reason, Sissi constantly pesters Ulrich and the rest of Team Lyoko, and tries to get Ulrich to date her. In fact, Ulrich absolutely despises the idea of dating a spoiled brat like Sissi because of this constant pestering.

Sissi's wish was made clear in the first episode, Teddygozilla, when she was outraged at Milly for trying to ask Ulrich out to the school prom. She then thought to herself, why being spied on by a teddy bear XANA had possessed, that she should go with Ulrich to the dance because she is the diva of Kadic. In the end, Ulrich went with Milly, and Sissi's evening was ruined. Later, in Log Book, she steals Ulrich's diary and tells him to go out with her or else, much to Herb's discontent, who nearly sends Nicholas to beat up Ulrich. It is then revealed that Sissi has a page in her diary completely dedicated to Ulrich, on which she has a picture of him and writes his name in different fonts. After a time reversion, Ulrich finds his diary before Sissi can blackmail him. In Ultimatum, Sissi and Ulrich kiss again after the XANA attack ends, which Odd sees. Such things occur throughout the series, much to Team Lyoko's annoyance. However, by the end of Season 4, it seems Sissi has finally resigned herself from Ulrich and moved on to someone else in Jeremie's circle of friends.

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