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Code Wiki:Fourth Generation

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The Code: WIKI fourth generation began at the end of October 2008. New members like, Lyokon PrincessAelitaStones and Lyokon LightBrawler joined the wiki. During this time, the wiki began to expand more of it's features then articles because most of the articles were fairly large with info. The users of Code: WIKI had completely democratized wiki. Many disputes were resolved with voting from the members of Code: WIKI. Several disputes arose between the users of Code: WIKI and Supercomputer Wael. One was over the Character Templates, which Supercomputer D33DeeD33Guy suggested restoring because they were a quicker way to give simple info. In an almost unanimous vote, the templates were brought back. Another dispute arose over Supercomputer Wael's take over of Guardian Sector X's new award system and his blasting of the other members of Code WIKI. In another unanimous vote, Guardian Sector X. was placed back in charge of the Code Wiki Awards. There was also a suggestion to change "User of the Week" to "User of the Month". The vote was yet again Unanimous, it was changed and Guardian SSB-DuDe!! is still in charge. Guardian SSB-DuDe!! became semi-active because he did not see Supercomputer Wael as a fit Supercomputer. Guardian Sector X also suggested to recreate the Code Wiki Security Council. After many disputes and arguments, it had become clear that Supercomputer Wael had become corrupt with power and he attempted to change the wiki goverment. Supercomputer Wael had, once agaian, removed Supercomputer D33DeeD33Guy supercomputer powers without consulting the wiki. He appointed Guardian SSB-DuDe!! with the power. Supercomputer Wael apparantly forgot that Guardian SSB-DuDe!! was mad at Wael for his rude remarks. Wael was impeached from his supercomputer duty and banned from the wiki. The wiki was put on alert of any sockpuppets. 2 Sockpuppets of Wael were later found and both banned. Code: WIKI suffered a major vandal attack from 2 vandals who were Sockpuppets of the AAH vandal. Over 125 pages were vandalised before the attack stopped. Lyokon Lyokogirl9 reverted almost all of the damage before Guardian Sector X banned the 2 accounts. Supercomputer D33DeeD33Guy later banned the IP of the accounts, Raised the shield, and promoted Lyokon Lyokogirl9 to a Skid. Sector X became the new Co-Supercomputer. The wiki suffered another attack by Captain Weirdo and the wiki was locked on wiki level 3 for the first time in quite a while. The Shield was lowered, and users were safe to make accounts again. Code WIKI's 3 year anniversary came around and Sector X decided to celebrate with a new main page contest. Tragicly on March 27th 2009 Guardian SSB-DuDe!! passed away, he will be remembered forever on this wiki as one of our greatest guardians. After many vandal attacks, Lyokon Aelita413 was promoted to a skid and Skid Lyokogirl9 was promoted as first guardian and skid since SSB-DuDe!!. The fourth generation had a dramatic ending when the control panel bugged up allowing vandals to move pages around. After a while the vandals gave up, but right after that the activity level among the users fell.

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