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The Third Generation of Code: WIKI is a time period in the wiki's history. It began at the end of 2007, and featured many of the users that had joined the wiki from the middle of the second generation. During the first and second generation, the wiki had been controlled by just a few users. In the current era, the users started to democratize wiki. Voting was used to decide several matters such as the featured article, user of the week, Code Wiki Awards and various disputes. Due to lack of communication between the users, Bfahome decided to create a forum for the wiki. Djf2014 retired in August 2008 due to increasing inactivity. He appointed Wael as the new Supercomputer and ordered him to pick a co-supercomputer to avoid in activity problems and to keep the power in balance. Wael appointed D33DeeD33Guy (who was recently accepted back into the wiki) as co supercomputer. The forum was a success and now almost all of the active users on the wiki use the forum on a regular basis. From the middle of this era the guardians decided to raise the shield to prevent vandalism. The shield remained raised until September 2008 when Sector X decided to put the matter to a vote. The majority decided to lower the shield, thus allowing new users into the wiki. As a result of the upload lock on EDI, the guardians had to create a Photobucket account to host the images on the wiki. It ended October 2008.

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