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Emmanuel Maillard

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Him not caring that he didn't make the Pop Rock Progressives

Emmanuel Maillard appeared in Seeing is Believing. He tried out for the Pop Rock Progressives, but failed as he played a heavy metal rhythm instead of the rhythm that Odd wanted. Yumi called him "Mike" back then; presumably, this is not his localized name but rather his nickname. He also appeared briefly in Attack of the Zombies as a zombie. He later appeared in The Secret when after Jim Morales called out his name, he said "present" - albeit in a female voice. He was voiced by David Gasman in his first appearance.

Emmanuel playing the drums at his audition for a part in Odd's band.

Emmanuel is often mistaken for William, due to similar appearance and voice.

Him saying "present" in The Secret.
Zombie Emmanuel alongside Zombie Jim in Attack of the Zombies.
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