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Attack of the Zombies

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Attack of the Zombies
Episode No. 40
Production No.
Air Date October 4th, 2005
Sector Desert
XANA attack method Possession of Kiwi who bites people, turning them into Zombies.

Attack of the Zombies is the fortieth episode of Code Lyoko. It was aired on October 4, 2005.


The episode begins with XANA activating a tower in the Desert sector. Once that was done, Kiwi senses that Odd's lamp is starting to shake, XANA appears out of the lamp and enters Kiwi, thus possessing him. We then see the Lyoko Warriors out by the arches. Yumi asks Jeremie about how he did on the Italian test he took, and he says that he did awful. Odd then shows off on how good at Italian he is. They then see Milly and Tamiya interviewing Sissi about a language exchange program with France. Sissi refuses saying that "it's none of their business" and that their paper doesn't have any readers at all. After Sissi leaves, Odd comforts Milly saying that she's not the only who hates Sissi. Later in cafeteria, Jeremie and Odd have a conversation about Kiwi being brainless, while Milly and Tamiya find out that Kiwi is in the hallway, and they worry that if Jim finds him, Odd will get into trouble for sure.

After the two split up, Tamiya tries to get Kiwi to go with her back to Odd's room, but gets bitten and gets possessed and turned into a zombie. Milly then gets attacked in the shower by the now zombified Tamiya, and rushes into the cafeteria and tells everyone about what just happened. Aelita becomes suspicious about this, and thinks that it's another XANA attack. Her suspicion was correct. After Jeremie checks the superscan he learns that there is an activated tower in the Desert. Meanwhile, Rosa tries to calm down Milly and thinks that she had a bad dream. Afterwards, Ulrich calls Yumi to go to the factory while Yumi gets mad at her brother, Hiroki, for calling Ulrich her boyfriend. Rosa then tells Sissi to go get Principal Delmas and Ulrich, Odd, Jeremie, and Aelita decide to go with her. Sissi then finds Jim, only to be zombified as well.

Aelita then points out that multiple students have been possessed and turned into zombies as well. They then head back to the cafeteria so that they can be safe for the time being. While Yumi heads to the factory, Sissi has a run in with more zombies, but luckily, Ulrich manages to save her just in time. The zombies then attack the cafeteria, but retreat. Rosa faints once again after Nicholas mentions the words "living dead". William then calls the police and tells him about the students and staff who were turned into zombies, but they don't believe him. Odd thinks that Ulrich made it to the factory, and they should go follow him, but unfortunately, William stops them from leaving because of the zombies outside. He then says that he is responsible for the group because he the oldest, and he doesn't want anyone turned into zombies. Odd then makes a comment about him being Bruce Willis.

Yumi then makes it to factory, while Ulrich and Sissi have problems off their own getting to their destinations. Jeremie then explains to William about Lyoko, the supercomputer, and XANA. William doesn't believe in a word they say and tells them to stay in the cafeteria. They then try to get out, but failed. Yumi then arrives at the factory, wondering where everyone else is. The police then come by to the school and tell the gatekeeper about William's call about the zombies. He says that he hasn't seen any and the two officers then leave. Ulrich then calls Jeremie if they made it to the factory, but he says that William has kept them in the cafeteria, and he won't let them leave. The gatekeeper then comes face to face with the zombified group and becomes a zombie himself. Yumi then calls Ulrich about why they haven't made it to the factory yet. Back at the cafeteria, Odd finds Kiwi, only to get bitten and transformed into a zombie himself. Then William, Nicholas, and another student tie the newly zombified Odd up so he won't escape. Sissi then tells Ulrich if he's got a plan or not. Ulrich says that he has one, but Sissi might not like it.

Zombie Emmanuel alongside Zombie Jim.

Jeremie then tells William that XANA possessed Kiwi, which turned everyone into zombies, but still doesn't believe in Jeremie. The zombies then start attacking the cafeteria once again, only to be stopped by Ulrich, acting as a distraction so that Sissi could get into the cafeteria safely. Herb then wants to know if that's really Sissi at the door, and not a zombie. Sissi replies that she has a subscription to "Pretty Girl" and says that she still sleeps with her stuffed moose. Herb does not believe this, but after hearing Sissi's insults, Nicholas confirms that she is the real Sissi, and Herb opens the door, but the zombies also get in as well. Some of the students try to fight back, but nothing works. Jeremie and Aelita then run out of cafeteria so that they can get to the factory. After trying to hold the zombified Jim from entering, William gets thrown outside, and becomes a zombie himself. Ulrich and Yumi then fight back the zombies so that they can get to the factory easily. Some of the students were trying to block the door so that zombies wouldn't get in, but luckily, Ulrich managed to give them a good taste of their own medicine, and then they block the door. Jeremie, Yumi, and Aelita, then make it to factory so they deactivate the tower. When the girls arrive on Lyoko, Jeremie programs them the Overwing so that they could get there quicker. Yumi then compliments Jeremie on his quick timing of launching the Overwing.

Meanwhile, back at the cafeteria, Ulrich sees that zombies are planning on a final attack in order to get into the cafeteria and turn everyone into zombies. Sissi then tries to comfort Milly, while Kiwi and the some of the zombies head to the factory to turn Jeremie into a zombie. Back on Lyoko, Aelita and Yumi make it to the activated tower, only to be guarded by a trio of Krabes. Jeremie then checks the monitors and sees that the zombies are on their way to him. Aelita and Yumi then begin their battle against the Krabes. Yumi plans to go head on, but Jeremie thinks that's a bad idea, and it might led Aelita to be alone with the Scyphozoa. The Krabes then start shooting their lasers, but Yumi successfully destroyed the first Krabe. The other two Krabes then start attacking. One laser hit's Yumi knee which caused her to lose some of her Life Points. Meanwhile, it isn't looking good in the cafeteria, the zombies made it in, but Ulrich and the others plan to fight back. Aelita and Yumi decide to hide in a canyon to keep the Krabe as far away from the tower as possible. While they're doing that, the battle between the students and zombies begin, but one student got attacked by the zombie staff and it was over for her.

Still trying to avoid the Krabe, Yumi tells Aelita to use one of her Tessen Fans and attack the Krabe with it. It successfully hits, but a Kankrelat attacks the Overwing and causes Yumi and Aelita to go out of control. The vehicle unfortunately gets destroyed. The situation doesn't look good, as more of the students are starting to be zombies themselves. Only Ulrich, Sissi, and Milly are the only ones left who haven't turned into zombies, and cornered in. Meanwhile, another Krabe starts attacking Yumi and Aelita. Yumi decides to take care of it while Aelita rushes on to the tower. Yumi runs across the canyon wall and jumps onto the Krabe, and destroys it with her Tessen Fan. They then make it out of the canyon, only to see that the tower is gone, as so as the path to it. Yumi wonders if they went the wrong way, but Aelita uses her sight powers and sees that the tower is straight ahead, but they don't know how to get across. Yumi decides to use here Telekinesis to get Aelita to the invisible tower safely. Jeremie worries that if she drops her, she plummet right into the Digital Sea. They decide to use this strategy since there's no other options on hand. However, a Kankrelat attacks Yumi, causing her to lose control of her Telekinesis and making Aelita fall. Yumi then recovers and gets Aelita up again. However, Jeremie has company as the zombies have made it to the computer room. Yumi tries to multitask by keeping Aelita afloat, and having to deal with the Kankrelat at the same time. However, Yumi gets hit once again, and Aelita learns that XANA tricked them once again when she feels the land underneath her. Yumi then gets hit once more, and is devirtualized.

Jeremie is now worried that Aelita is now all alone. Aelita then rushes into the tower, but sees a Krabe straight ahead. Luckily it didn't fire and she made it to the tower safely. The Kankrelat that was following her tries to go inside the tower, but only falls down in failure, meaning that XANA's monsters cannot enter towers. Jeremie is happy that Aelita made it to the tower, but gets bitten by Kiwi and has to put in a return to the past immediately before he gets zombified. Meanwhile, at the cafeteria, Sissi tells the zombies to not hurt Milly at all. Zombie Odd attacks Ulrich, and Jeremie officially becomes a zombie himself. Aelita puts in the code and deactivates the tower successfully, and Jeremie makes the return to the past code while still a zombie, and all ends well. They head back to the moment where Milly and Tamiya were interviewing Sissi. After Sissi leaves once again, Ulrich tells Milly that Sissi may be mean, but thinks that she actually likes her, and Aelita tells them that she can be both brave and kind when she wants to be. Confused, they wonder why they said those things. The episode ends with Jeremie saying that you can never guess a true person's colors.


  • In this episode, we are exposed to more of Sissi's personality.
    • She apparently sleeps with a stuffed moose named "Nim-Nim".
  • In this episode, it became clear that most of the student body of Kadic is aware of the fact that Odd keeps Kiwi in his room. That is shown when Milly and Tamiya were in no shock to see Kiwi, but in a worried state that Jim might find him.
  • In the english dub of this episode, Milly asks Sissi about her opinion on the foreign exchange in France. This makes no sense as all characters from Code Lyoko already live in France.
  • After William refuses to let Jeremie, Aelita, and Odd leave the cafeteria, Odd comments that "William thinks he's Bruce Willis". Bruce Willis is a real-life American actor.
  • This is the second time Bruce Willis has been referenced in the series, the first being in Holiday in the Fog.
  • This marks the first time Aelita uses one of the Lyoko warriors' weapons in combat. Yumi gives her a tessen fan to destroy one of the Krabes. The only other time this happened was in Wrong Exposure.
  • The name of the television show watched by some of the Lyoko Warriors, Dr. Schrank, (previously mentioned in Temptation) is referred to in this episode.
  • The only ones that were transformed in zombies by one of Kiwi's bites was Tamiya, Odd and Jeremie.
  • It's revealed in this episode that Jeremie is bad at Italian but Odd is very good at it.

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