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Saint Valentine's Day

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Saint Valentine's Day
Episode No. 32
Production No. 132
Air Date September 26, 2005
Sector Forest, Ice
XANA attack method Possession of Aelita via a pendant.

Saint Valentine's Day is the 32nd episode of Code Lyoko. It aired on September 26, 2005.


At night, a red-coated boy walks through the campus of Kadic Junior High School. He leaves a present in front of the door of Aelita's dorm room. Aelita is awoken from her nightmares by her computer and a knock on the door directs her to look outside. She sees an orange gift box and no-one in the hallway. She takes it in and opens it, revealing a glowing pink pendant.

As the red-coated boy walks out of the dorm, he is confronted by Jim. With the Eye of XANA flickering in his eyes, the boy magnetizes himself and leaves, crawling on the ceiling of the hallway. Jim is left in disbelief as the boy exits the dorm.

The next morning, Aelita shows Yumi the pendant. Yumi says it's "plain, but not bad." Yumi hints at Aelita that Jeremie probably gave it to her because it's St. Valentine's Day.

Later that morning, Aelita runs up to Jeremie and thanks him for the pendant. Jeremie, surprised, replies: "Uhhh...yeah, uh. Well, you're welcome. It's only natural, heh..." After Aelita walks off, Ulrich suggests Jeremie didn't really gave her the pendant, to which Jeremie replies "Was it that obvious?"

In History class, Jeremie starts asking Odd and Ulrich if they gave her the pendant. They deny it, but Jeremie doesn't believe them. The argument between Odd and Jeremie grows so intense, the teacher sends them to the principal's office. Principal Delmas, lenient as it is Valentine's Day, gives both of them two hours of detention.

Later in the day, Jeremie, Ulrich, and Yumi are outside. Sissi walks up to Ulrich and gives him an envelope. He opens it, revealing a ticket to the Subsonics concert. William walks over to Yumi and gives her flowers. Disgusted at Yumi for accepting the flowers, Ulrich reaches into his pocket, revealing a poem. He then reads the poem to Sissi:

"To tell you how much I flip,
It's not with a tulip;
How I'm a victim of your charms, and
I long to hold you in my arms;
With you, I never feel gloomy,
My little... Sissi."

Shocked, Yumi kisses William to get back at him.

Yumi getting back at Ulrich by kissing William

Meanwhile, Aelita is over a sink as her pendant flashes. Pink sparks race up her body and the Eye of XANA appears in her eyes. Outside, Jeremie wonders where Aelita is.

In Mrs. Hertz's class, Aelita asks Jeremie if she can go to Sector 5. Jeremie tells her that everyone's in a bad mood and probably wouldn't come along. Aelita tries to seduce him and kisses him on the cheek. Surprised, Jeremie falls out of his seat. Angrily, Mrs. Hertz sends him to the principal's office, where he gets another two hours of detention.

When he goes back to his dorm room, Aelita and Yumi are waiting for him. Aelita tells Jeremie that Yumi is willing to go along. At the factory, Jeremie starts up the virtualization process. As Aelita is virtualized, Jeremie notices something wrong with her scan.

Aelita and Yumi appear in the Forest sector. Jeremie brings up the vehicles and tells them to go east to reach the edge of the sector. However, Aelita says she's going north instead. She leg-sweeps Yumi and takes off on the Overboard.

Jeremie calls Odd, but Odd's cell phone is confiscated by Jim because he's in detention. He then calls Ulrich, who is in Sissi's room. Ulrich then walks out on her.

Jeremie theorizes that the pendant is what allows XANA to control Aelita. As Yumi pursues Aelita on her Overwing, Aelita passes through two Crabs that promptly shoot down Yumi's vehicle.

At school, Ulrich is trying to get Odd out of detention, telling Jim that Odd wants to see Aelita because she has a fever. Jim is skeptical and disallows it. Jeremie calls Ulrich, who tells Jeremie about the problem. Jeremie asks Ulrich to put Jim through, while he loads up a program on the lab computer. Jim answers the phone; however, instead of hearing Jeremie's voice, he hears Principal Delmas' voice ordering him to let Odd go. When Ulrich asks how Jeremie did that, he reveals that he has written a program which allows him to mimic other people's voices, and demonstrates it again with Principal Delmas' voice.

On Lyoko, Yumi destroys one of the Crabs and hops aboard a new Overwing that Jeremie has just programmed for her. She uses it to fly into a Passage tower and arrive in the Ice sector, where Aelita is. Meanwhile, Odd and Ulrich arrive at the Lab. Odd forgives Jeremie for his suspicions.

Yumi catches up to Aelita, ramming her Overboard and destroying both vehicles. Aelita uses her Creativity to create a hole in the ice, leaving Yumi dangling above the Digital Void. Aelita then continues to run off.

As Yumi loses her grip, Ulrich reaches down and grabs her. Ulrich admits the poem was for her, although Yumi comments that this is not really the time to discuss it. Yumi slips out of Ulrich's grasp, but Jeremie manages to materialize her before she hits the Digital Void.

Meanwhile, Odd is chasing Aelita, who uses her Creativity to block him with a wall of ice. As the Scyphozoa arrives to take her memory, Odd begins to climb over the wall. Ulrich attempts to cut through the ice, but without success. Just as Odd climbs over the wall, Aelita uses her Creativity to freeze his legs.

With no options left, Jeremie tries the only thing left he can think of. He tells Odd to shoot at Aelita, knowing that XANA needs her alive to take her memory, and hoping that XANA will not risk killing her. Odd shoots at her multiple times. With Aelita only having ten life points left, the Scyphozoa releases her and leaves. Aelita wakes up, wondering why Odd has his laser arrows aimed at her. She then enters the activated tower and shuts it down.

When Aelita gets back, Yumi crushes the pendant, revealing a computer chip with the Eye of XANA on it. Jeremie says he'll analyze the chip to see if he can learn anything new about XANA. Aelita tells him that saving her life is the best present she could ask for.

At school, Ulrich agrees to go with Sissi to the concert, in exchange for Sissi convincing her father to let Jeremie off the hook for missing four hours of detention.


  • Notably, the boy in the red coat does not appear in any episodes after this, but can be seen in the background during the season 4 episode Distant Memory, where he is driving a truck.
  • This episode features the very first instance of JimxSuzanne.

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Mister Puck
Code: LYOKO episode
September 26, 2005
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Final Mix

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