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William Clone/Quotes

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William Clone's Quotes

  • "I'm really sorry Milly, But it wasn't me who got your letter, it must have been William" - The William Clone to Milly in A Lack of Goodwill.
  • "Jeremie, Do you have any proof I can borrow" - William Clone to Jeremie in A Lack of Goodwill.
  • Conversation between Mr. Delmas and the William Clone in the episode Double Take:
    • Mr. Delmas: "Well, Dunbar, my boy, I'm glad to see that your fever has broken and that you're feeling well."
    • The William Clone: "Did I break anything else?"
  • "Killer Racket, huh was that it, Jim!? Well, when I'm done with you they're gonna be calling you clumsy racket!" - The Clone after a malfunction in Wreck Room.
  • Conversation between Rosa and the clone in the episode Down to Earth:
    • Rosa: "Here, this will stick to your ribs."
    • The clone: "I can't eat it if it's on my ribs."
  • Conversation between Sissi and the clone in the episode Dog Day Afternoon:
    • Sissi: "Are you okay, William? You look completely lost."
    • The clone: "I'm not lost, we're at the track."
  • Conversation between Yumi and the clone in the episode The Lake:
    • Yumi: "You're lucky, as a computer program this math test should be a real piece of cake."
    • The clone: "What's a math test and a piece of cake?"

Quotes about the William Clone

  • Conversation between Aelita and Odd in Code Lyoko:Quest for Infinity:
    • Aelita: "Jeremie might have to work on the program a little because the clone seems a little..."
    • Odd: "Stupid."
  • "The clone we've got now is about as bright as Kiwi - Ulrich in Wreck Room.</nowiki>
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