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Episode No. 17
Production No. 117
Air Date May 11, 2004
Sector Ice Barrier
XANA attack method Possessing memory-erasing nanobots.

Amnesia is the 17th episode of Code: LYOKO. It aired on May 11th, 2004.


At the beginning of the episode, XANA activates a Tower and seeps through Mrs. Hertz's computer and into a pool of nanobots in the Science Building whilst she is elsewhere, putting its own nanobot inside some cleansing gel. Some time later, the eighth grade comes in for Science class, and Mrs. Hertz talks to them about nanobots. When she leads them over to the nanobot container, she wonders why the cleansing gel is in there. But before she can destroy the gel, Odd, not knowing of the virus inside the substance, uses a peice of metal to scoop some of the gel onto Ulrich's nose. The XANA nanobot enters Ulrich's body via his nasal passages.

Whilst Team Lyoko is talking in the courtyard of Kadic after their classes, Ulrich suddenly faints, and is rushed to the Infirmary. During dinner, Sissi comes to visit him, and discovers he doesn't remember a thing. She decides to use this to her advantage and tells Ulrich she is his girlfriend, which he believes due to his lack of memories. Jeremie sees them on a Park bench together, and talks to Aelita about any activated Towers. She tells him that she senses Pulsations in the Ice Barrier, so Jeremie contacts Odd and Yumi, who go to the Factory to assist the AI.

Meanwhile, the entire school is catching amnesia. Sissi faints, promptly followed by Herb, Nicholas, and dozens of other kids. On his way to notify the authorities, Mr. Delmas faints as the nanobots travel over land to infect the rest of the French populace, and soon, the world will be under XANA's influence.

Ulrich, however, feels an urge to go to the Sewers. He does so, and ends up in the Factory, where Jeremie virtualizes him. In Lyoko, Ulrich relearns how to use his weapons with Odd, who, after some practice, tells him to fight some Crabs about to get past Aelita's Creativity-induced wall of ice. He does so, and Aelita deactivates the Tower, putting our heroes back to science class, where Ulrich, knowing of the virus in the cleansing gel, burns all of the liquid, making Mrs. Hertz get very angry and give him detention. When everyone laughs at Odd's wisecrack, Sissi tells them all to be silenced, clearly indicating her high-and-mighty ways and the return of her memories.

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May 11, 2004
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