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An overview of Carthage.

Carthage, usually refered to as Sector 5, is the hub of Lyoko and is spherical in shape, connected to the four sectors by data tunnels. It is known to house much crucial data relating to Lyoko, the supercomputer's functions, and in the past, XANA. It was named after Project Carthage.

The walls of Carthage are a light blue and covered in a moving binary code. When Team Lyoko comes to Carthage, they can either take the main elevator which carries them up to an interface panel on Carthage's surface, take the access elevator to their Virtual Ship, or they can travel to a section of the Core Zone if they need to get something there. The interface panel has a direct link to the supercomputer, thus allowing Aelita to help Jeremie recover information from it.

Carthage, like any sector, has Towers. Only one has been seen to date however, and that was during the episode Franz Hopper. Jeremie had no idea of its existence beforehand. Other features of the sector include booby traps and security lasers, all of which either take away a lot of life points or devirtualize anybody. The Digital Void is not present here, instead, falling into the Celestial Dome in the outer rim of the sector ensures ultimate deletion.

A stylized map of the recreated Sector 5 in Season 4.

Carthage is, like any other sector, inhabited by monsters. Creepers and Mantas can be found all over, but the sector's most infamous denizen is the Scyphozoa. The Creepers are the only beings which do not (or cannot) leave the sector.

In William Returns, Jeremie and Aelita use data transferred to them by Franz Hopper to recreate Carthage; in this recreation they made it so that there was no longer a key, except for one that is used to access the Core of Lyoko, so there was no more countdown. In William Returns William opens a tunnel and takes Aelita to the place where the desert sector stood before (now recreated between William Returns and Double Take), the outer shell of Carthage now has a gray craggy appearance with cracked holes that showed the exits of the tunnels. Before Carthage was destroyed by William, the outer shell shined with a bright light.

The outer shell of Carthage (as seen in the mountains)
The Tunnel from Sector 5.
The new Carthage above the Desert sector.

Parts of Carthage

Carthage is divided into six unique parts:

  • The Arena: This is the spot where the Transport Orb used to drop off the Lyoko Warriors. However, the group can now be virtualized directly into the Arena. After a few seconds, the wall will open, allowing access to the rest of Carthage.
  • The Core Zone: The most recognizable area of Carthage. Before Carthage was rebuild, either a three minute or one and a half minute countdown started, requiring a member of the group to find and activate the Key. Activating the Key would cause a corridor leading to the main elevator to open. If the Key was not found, the group would be trapped in Carthage until someone else entered. The Core Zone no longer has this key. With a few exceptions, the appearance of the Core Zone is different every time it is entered.
  • The Elevator: The elevator runs all the way around the Core Zone. It can move up, down, and sideways, and only stops at the exit to the Celestial Dome. Jeremie and Aelita also created a separate elevator to access the Skid Hangar.
  • The Celestial Dome: The exit point of the main body of Carthage. It has an interface that used to give access to XANA's own data, but, since his escape from the supercomputer, the interface can only give information about Lyoko. When a Lyoko Warrior enters, Mantas usually hatch from the walls. It is possible that towers may have been activated and deactivated at this point as this was where Aelita could access all of Xana's information, however this has never been confimed in the show.
  • Carthage's Walls: The walls opposite of the Celestial dome. Mantas usally hatch from here. Tunnels in the walls act as the exit point of Carthage.
  • The Core: This is the most important part of Lyoko. The core contains all of the data within the supercomputer. The room where the core is located can be accessed through the south pole of Carthage. In Final Round, a possessed William managed to destroy the core, thus destroying Lyoko. The core was recreated in William Returns and made its first reappearance in I'd Rather Not Talk About It, when William launched an attack on it.


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