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Code Wiki:Wall of Remembrance

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The Wall of Remembrance is a feature of Code WIKI dedicated to all those memorable members who helped the wiki become what it is today.


Rest in Peace

Real Name: Chad Bingham Jr.

Position: Guardian

Activity Period: April 6Th 2008 - March 27Th 2009

Jobs Held: Code WIKI: User of the Month

History: Supersmashbrosdude, better known as SSB-DuDe!!, joined the wiki shortly after the shield was lowered. He had a good start by pointing out some errors in the wiki's format and helped the wiki improve some of its deteriorating features such as the then User of the Week. He uploaded better images for some characters and created many secondary character articles. He greatly helped in the reverting of much of the vandalism on the wiki and reported all problems to the guardians or supercomputer. He was quickly appointed as the 2nd ever Skid. He was noted on the wiki for his sarcastic and joking way of looking at vandalism and poor edits. He was also noted in removing opinions from articles. After the creation of the forums, he was noted for his constant fan art as well as his activity there. He was also very frequent in important wiki discussions and voiced his opinion clearly. He was appointed as a guardian by Wael and soon after helped create new features such as the creation of the Infobox system as well as the revival of the Character Template system. He was critiqued by then Supercomputer Wael as being a "bias" towards D33DeeD33Guy simply because they were friends outside the wiki. Subsequently, he very briefly quit activity on Code WIKI until Wael step down as supercomputer for seeing him as an unfit admin. He was appointed as Supercomputer by Wael who had taken away D33DeeD33Guy's powers out of spite. He used his supercomputer powers to remove Wael from his position and restore D33DeeD33Guy's before removing his own. Towards the end of November, his activity began to decrease due to personal related stuff outside of the wiki. Tragically on March 27Th 2009, while in New York with his band, he was found dead in the back of the bus by his fellow band members. Toxicology reports say that his tragic passing was the unfortunate result of a rare but deadly mix in his prescribed anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medication. They were taken with an opiate Chad had been prescribed for a root canal. The lethal reaction closed his airways and he passed away around the morning of his death. He will forever be remembered on Code WIKI as one of their most helpful and memorable Guardians, and will be missed by all of the members here. In his honor, he was named User of the Month for March 2009.

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