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Jeremie Belpois/Quotes

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Quotes by Jeremie, the brainy team leader.

Quotes by Jeremie

  • "Transfer, Scanner, Virtualization." - Jeremie on almost all missions
  • "Return to the past, now!" - Jeremie on many, many missions
  • "XANA has activated a tower!" - Jeremie on many occasions
  • "Come on, guys, be cool." - Jeremie to Odd, Ulrich and Sissi in XANA Awakens Part 1
  • "You're a creepy genius" - Jeremie to Odd in Cruel Dilemma
  • "Uhh, but but but but but but but but you should go home and take a bath--No! A cold shower! Very cold! Very, very, very cold to calm you down!" - Jeremie reacts to XANA-Yumi in Image Problem
  • "What an incredible technological masterpiece." - Jeremie about the XANA-controlled satellite in Satellite
  • "AELITA, YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!!" - Jeremie confesses his love in Zero Gravity Zone
  • "That mutt is as brainless as his owner" - Jeremie about Kiwi in Final Mix
  • "From now on, and until you hear otherwise, you're out of the group, Ulrich!" - Jeremie to Ulrich in The Chips Are Down
  • "Aelita's............dead!" - Jeremie telling the gang in The Key
  • "Eh, I don't need that much sleep." - Jeremie summarizes his life in Double Trouble
  • "We must have been crazy to think that we could actually recreate Lyoko." Jeremie in William Returns
  • "Odd, if I told you what I was doing while you were in the Network you would never believe me!" - Jeremie to Odd in Maiden Voyage
  • "OK, XANA, what do you have in store for us this time?" - Jeremie in Hot Shower

Quotes about Jeremie

  • "Man that guys a real Einstein" - Odd about Jeremie in XANA Awakens Part 2
  • "No, this has gotta be a dream! Jeremie Belpois, in person, has finally decided to honor us with his presence, in the flesh?! - Although there's not a whole lot..." - Jim is shocked to find Jeremie in gym class in Double Take
  • "Actually, no, you really are lame at anything athletic." - Aelita fails to make Jeremie feel better in Maiden Voyage
  • "You gave yourself away. Everybody knows that the real Jeremie wouldn't set foot in the scanner! He'd be much too frightened!." - XANA-Jeremie confronting the real Jeremie in Ghost Channel
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