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A swarm of Kankrelats.

Kankrelats (also known as Roachsters) are the smallest and least intelligent of XANA's monsters on Lyoko. They are often deployed in groups of five, and have very low life points. Their only weapon is the laser, which does 10 damage per hit, cannot be fired rapidly and takes some time to charge. Kankrelats were the first monsters materialized into the real world, possibly picked by XANA because of their small size. But that didn't turn out to be a problem when Xana materialized Krabs in A Bad Turn.

These monsters are extremely stupid in a 'Three Stooges' kind of way, as seen on many occasions. Examples would be when two of them were sliding down an ice slide pursuing Aelita in the Ice Barrier Sector, one of which was spinning rapidly in circles shooting wildly, and ended up shooting its partner. On another occasion, one chased Aelita as she was running to deactivate a tower. When she finally made it to the tower, the Kankrelat tried to get in after her, ran into it, and fell over. It ended up on its side, scurrying around in a circle in a mad attempt to right itself. These monsters were less comedic in the first season, but became more of a gag as the series progressed.


  • Kankrelats were the very first monsters seen in Code Lyoko (production wize AND chronologically, because they where the first to appear in Teddygozilla and Xana Awakens Part 1) .
  • Kankrelats were the first monsters to be materialized using the scanners.
  • Kankrelats have also been materialized onto earth as specters using Translation.

A Kankrelat's Laser.
A Scanner-Materialized Kankrelat.
A Translated Kankrelat.
Ulrich Slamming a Kankrelat to the wall.

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