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Lyokon Scanner Program

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Yumi Being scanned in Missing Link.

The Lyokon Scanner Program is a program designed by Jeremie, the function of the program is to scan a Lyokons entire virtual structure. The program has only been used twice, in Missing Link after the Scyphozoa stole Yumi's DNA Sequence Code and in A Fine Mess the program was relaunched this time through the materialization program where it showed that the DNA had been transferred into the wrong bodies. The program appears to only work in a tower, the Lyokon is raised a few inches off the platform while a white ring flies up and down the Lyokons body (similar to the scanners) and records the digital structure the only other way is to scan the virtualization or materialization program. The program picks up any abnormalities in the Lyokons structure which include their physical traits such as the DNA Sequence Code.

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