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A Manta in Carthage.
William's Black Manta.

Flying Mantas, also simply called Mantas, are a type of XANA's monsters. They look just like real-life mantas, except for the gray-blue color, and the large Eye of XANA on its back. They move in an undulating flying motion and will be destroyed upon contact with the ground, as shown by the episode Cold War. Normally, they exist within Carthage, where they come out of the walls to harass Team Lyoko, while Aelita sifts through the data in Sector 5. Mantas usually travel in a flight formation of three, then swarm the enemy. In addition to the lasers other monsters are equipped with, Mantas employ an unusual weapon called a Flying Mine, a small white ball that either floats in position or chases the enemy. Those can be mass-dropped and serve as an effective barrier, but the detonation of a single mine can destroy the rest.

In Temporary Insanity, the Mantas were shown using a new ability. This ability was that they could fire a ray at a Lyoko Warrior that at first gives them a red tinge, but it appears to have no ill effect on them until they unexpectedly devirtualized. In this case, it was Odd, and Ulrich.
Manta controlled by Franz
. When they got back to the real world, they also appeared fine. Later on they start hallucinating that they are on Lyoko, seeing the students and teachers as if they were XANA’s monsters and trying to attack them. When Odd and Ulrich get to Lyoko again, they hallucinating that they are back at Kadic, seeing any of XANA's monsters as students. Specifically, they saw a Tarantula and two Kankrelats as Sissi, Herb and Nicolas.

Mantas are hard to destroy because of the position of its Eye, and because it requires jumping onto the monster, where its destruction would cause its attacker to fall, possibly into the Digital Void. Yumi's Tessen Fan, Aelita's Energy Field, and Odd's Laser Arrow is not set back by this.


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