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A Megatank ready to activate its laser.
A Megatank 360 blast on its side.

Megatanks are a type of XANA's monsters. Essentially, it is an opened ball, split on its hemispheres, with a laser, and what appears to be its internal processing units inside. Megatanks collapse their outer armor into a ball to quickly roll into position. When at top speed, a Megatank can even outrace Ulrich's Overbike. The laser it wields is the most powerful of XANA's lasers, causing 100 points of damage. This is sufficient to devirtualize a Team Lyoko member in one shot. It is the only monster weapon capable of damaging the terrain to the point where it can damage a tower; even the Tarantula, the only other monster capable of damaging the terrain, can only damage any surface feature weaker than a tower, and in all monsters except these two, the blast is absorbed by all terrain, including towers. The laser itself fires in a vertical 2-D plane so it only strikes things in a straight line. These lasers can be slowed down by an obstruction, such as Ulrich's katana, but it can only be fully stopped by two of Aelita's energy fields hitting the blast simultaneously which shatters the plane like glass like shown in False Lead. Their immense power is the reason why XANA mostly uses them to forcibly shut down Towers. Its outer ball-like shell is invulnerable, protecting the monster's Eye of XANA when it isn't firing. Sometimes it can even devirtualize our heroes just by rolling over them. Its outer shell is also the only thing that cannot be penetrated by Aelita's energy field. Because of their cumbersome nature, a Megatank's momentum can propel it off an edge to its death. Likewise, a member of Team Lyoko can simply get behind one and nudge it off the edge.

As a vertical plane is not the best way to hit everybody, in Season 3 the Megatank learns to fire while lying on its right side. It also learns to fire while rolling, but still open.

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