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Season 1

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Season 1

Season 1 Title Screen

Episode 1: Teddygozilla - The first real episode of Code Lyoko. XANA takes control of Milly's Teddy Bear and attacking the town and Kadic. Odd is virtualized and helps Aelita shut down the tower.

Episode 2: Seeing Is Believing - Odd's band, the Pop Rock Progressives, hold auditions. XANA starts storing massive amount of electricity in order to sabotage the local nuclear power plant. Odd and Ulrich Virtualize onto Lyoko and team up with Aelita to stop XANA. In the end, the Pop Rock Progressives play the song Mystery Girl.

Episode 3: Holiday in the Fog - Jeremie gets himself in detention in order to stay over the school vacation. He succeeds only for Sissi to get herself to stay in order to find out the secret of the Lyoko Warriors. Meanwhile, XANA possesses barrels of toxic material and starts to attack the school. Aelita with the help of Odd and Yumi shut down the tower saving Ulrich, Jim, and Sissy from death.

Episode 4. Log Book - Sissi steals Ulrich's diary about Lyoko. The gym-class takes a field trip on an electric bus. XANA takes control of the bus causing it to accelerate uncontrollably. Yumi steals Sissi's diary to get Ulrich's back. Jeremie virtualizes the remaining Lyoko Warriors to Deactivate the tower.

Episode 5. Big Bug - Jeremie creates a real-world unnatural disaster program. He finds out that XANA is causing two trains, (one carrying very toxic chemical), to collide. Sissi reports Kiwi in order to get back at odd. The Lyoko warriors head to the Desert sector to de-activate the Tower. Kiwi is not found by Sissi after the Time Reversion.

Episode 6. Cruel Dilemma - Jeremie with the help of Odd manages to make a one time only materialization program. Eager to bring Aelita into the real world the Lyoko gang meet Aelita in Lyoko. There they fight a few monsters and Yumi is knocked into the Digital Void saving Aelita. Now Jeremie has to choose between Yumi and Aelita. Since Yumi already has a life on Earth, he saves her and Aelita understands.

Episode 7. Image Problem

Episode 8. End of Take

Episode 9. Satellite

Episode 10. The Girl of the Dreams - Taelia arrives at Kadic and Jeremie believes that she is Aelita, seeming to prove it by being unable to contact her on Lyoko. Taelia, however, denies this. XANA possesses a suit of samurai armor and uses it to attack Jeremie and Taelia, but they escape to the Factory, where Taelia firmly suggests that the Supercomputer be deactivated. Ulrich and Odd stop Jeremie from doing so and go to Lyoko, where they discover the real Aelita trapped in a Guardian and Taelia leaves to alert the police. Aelita is freed and deactivates the tower, ending the samurai threat. Taelia arrives with the police, but Jeremie activates a time reversion. Earlier that morning, Jeremie denies ever believing that Taelia resembled Aelita.

Episode 11. Plagued

Episode 12. Swarming Attack

Episode 13. Just in Time

Episode 14. The Trap

Episode 15. Laughing Fit

Episode 16. Claustrophobia

Episode 17. Amnesia

Episode 18. Killer Music

Episode 19. Frontier

Episode 20. The Robots

Episode 21. Zero Gravity Zone

Episode 22. Routine

Episode 23. Rock Bottom?

Episode 24. Ghost Channel

Episode 25. Code: Earth (Part 1 of the first season cliffhanger)

Episode 26. False Start (Part 2 of the first season cliffhanger)


  • There was no linear storyline in season 1 with the exception of the 2-part season finale. The big deal, (Returning to the past doesn't resurrect humans) which was only explained in Teddygozilla and the final cliffhanger Code: Earth/False Start; but all other episodes could be seen in any order, or even not seen, while you can understand the whole story. That's why we don't see Theo in another season 1 episode than Claustrophobia, and Taelia is fully forgotten after The Girl of the Dreams. Interview with writer team of french forum revealed that it was a channel's exigence: they wanted kids to understand the story even if they miss some episodes or even if the channel released them in the wrong order!
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