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The Ice Sector being deleted.

A sector is an area of Lyoko, each with its own distinct properties and dangers. Every sector (except Carthage) has ten towers, one of which is a Way tower used for sector-to-sector transportation. Massive wires stretch across the outer sectors, sending information from Carthage's data streams to each of the sector's towers. Below every sector is the Digital Sea, which will destroy anything that falls into it.

The sectors are the Forest, Mountains, Ice Barrier, Desert, and Carthage. In the third season, XANA wanted to destroy Lyoko, to keep Team Lyoko from tracking him. He possessed Aelita, using the Scyphozoa, and had her enter the code XANA in the way tower of the sector to destroy it. The Forest was destroyed in Lyoko Minus One. In The Pretender, XANA managed to possess Aelita and destroyed the Desert. In Sabotage, Aelita decided to destroy the Ice Barrier to save Yumi's life, as there was not enough time to deactivate an activated tower. In Double Trouble, XANA again possessed Aelita and used her to destroy the Mountain sector. XANA possessed William in Final Round to destroy Carthage and in turn the rest of Lyoko. Carthage was restored in William Returns with various changes made to it. In between William Returns and Double Take Jeremie recreated the rest of the sectors.

From the third to the fourth season XANA created "replikas", and as their name suggests they are copies of Lyoko. The replikas only have one sector each.


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