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Deceased Chad Bingham Jr. Passed away on March 27th 2009. Our hearts from Code WIKI will forever be with him. Rest in Peace

Hello, I'm Super Smash Bros. Dude. Why?? Well I like super smash bros. I also love code lyoko. I like Ulrich the most becuase samarai's R kewl. I watch every episode of the show so don't let my name make it seem i'm just a super smash bros fan. I know how to work a wiki well. i am a sysop on a different wiki and an assist Admin ( I have admin status but i share power ) on another wiki. So i know what mees bees doins. This is the Second best Code Lyoko wiki around!! I have an e-mail which is ChadIsReal732@live.com an My MySpace URL is MySpace.com/Chad_is_real

No one may edit my guardian page but me. I'd appreciate it if the contents of it be restricted to only my editing

User:Supersmashbrosdude is a guardian.

I was promoted to Guardian by Wael and I am making sure I live up to my title.

Supersmashbrosdude is in charge of the User of the Week votes.

ulrich5.png Supersmashbrosdude is an Ulrich Fan.

I like Ulrich the most because, his personality is somewhat reflective of mine. Quiet yet outspoken, kind, but firm. ect

male.png Supersmashbrosdude is a Male.

It's a boy!

straight.png Supersmashbrosdude is a Heterosexual.

nosmoke.png Supersmashbrosdude does not smoke.

Some of my friends smoke but I don't just because it's a waste of money.

isreal.png Supersmashbrosdude is from Israel.

I was born in Israel and lived there till I was 9 before my mother and father decided to move to the United States of America. I like the US better but I am still very proud of my origin.

Supersmashbrosdude is a William Fan.

I like William mainly because he is the most realistic kid on the show. He acts like every other jock like teen which makes the show seem more like life.

Supersmashbrosdude supports UlrichxYumi.

I like it.

Supersmashbrosdude hates JeremiexAelita.

Sorry JeremiexAelita fans, I REALLY don't like this romance. Mostly due to the fact that Aelita is very kind but Jeremie is very demanding of her and is easily enraged at the very thought of her with someone. Jeremie basically trys to control Aelita sometimes and it's really awkward. I am also not really a fan of Jeremie at all. I think that he should try going out more often and be more carfree. Which is why I like his clone better. Except for the womanizing, which was kinda scary.


Personal Info





Favorite Color:


Favorite Bands:

                 The Used
                 The Subdigitals
                 The Freshmen

Favorite Songs:

                    Rock It
                    The Bird and the Worm
                    Mother Earth

Favorite TV Shows:

                   RANMA 1/2 IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!!
                   Rob and Big
                   That's Amore!
                   Mind of Mencia
                   Dragonball Z
                   Code Lyoko 

Favorite Games:

                 The Legend Of Zelda Majora's Mask
                 Super Smash Bros Brawl
                 Code Lyoko Quest for Infinity
                 Dragonball Z Boudakai Tenkaichi

Famouse Quotes

  • "Ahem.....I don't give a f---" by Carlos Mencia
  • "You ever see a mom beat her kid in public....ISN'T IT GREAT!" - by Carlos Mencia
  • "Names are for friends, so I don't need one..." - by Agent 47
  • "F-R-E-E that spells free,creditreport.com baby" - Freecreditreport.com
  • "I reject your reality, and substitute my own.' - Adam Savage
  • "Jamie wants big boom." - Jamie Hyneman
  • "To become truly great, one must rise with the people, not above them" - A site I found straight off of Google

Awards I have recieved

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