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The existence of evil: Is it God's fault?

Is it God's fault?

Article of the month: Militant atheism

Militant atheism is a term applied to atheism which is hostile towards religion.

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Question Evolution! Campaign

Question Evolution campaign - worldwide anti-evolution campaign

The Question evolution! campaign is a Conservapedia-wide anti-evolution campaign and is primarily being conducted in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa.[1] The focus of the campaign is on 15 Questions that evolutionists cannot satisfactorily answer to KenDoll's pleasure. The 15 questions can be found HERE.

Anti-atheism campaign

An American anti-atheism campaign is in gear and it will grind up atheism into a fine pulp. [2]

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"The wicked flee when no one is pursuing, But the righteous are bold as a lion." - Proverbs 28:1 (NASB)


In 2011, the results of a study was published indicating that most United States high school biology teachers are reluctant to endorse the theory of evolution in class.

Discover what Wikipedia and the liberal media don't want you to know about the creation vs. evolution issue.

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The Supreme Court meets behind closed doors to discuss Arizona's SB1070 Immigration law. The Obama administration has been pushing for the Supreme Court to refrain from taking up the case. [3]

An interview with Andrew Ferguson, Gerard Baker takes a look at American journalism.[4]

Vox Day doesn't believe Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney will cut spending sufficiently to avoid economic collapse. On the other hand, Ron Paul stresses the work and hardships that will needed to be endured to undo America's past financial/economic mistakes, but that message is not popular even among Republicans.[5][6]

Operation Fast and Furious might soon produce a first: the impeachment of a sitting Attorney General for contempt of Congress. [7]

Another shooting at Virginia Tech, leaving two dead this time. [8] Perhaps it's time to question the atheistic culture that dominates government schools?

Conservative Ron Paul runs negative ads against neoconservative Newt Gingrich, while other candidates for the Presidential Election 2012 remain mostly silent about the frontrunner Gingrich. [9]

The Irish Examiner exposes the power of the media to influence politics by attacking the GOP and ignoring Democrats. [10]

How prevalent is outright fraud in science? The recent take-down of a Dutch psychology professor who made up data "dozens of times" highlights a problem far more widespread than anyone wants to admit. One solution: let every investigator post his data to a public Internet data dump. Are you watching, Richard Lenski? [11]

The U.S Republican primary presidential candidate Rick Santorum definitely wants evolution debated in classrooms. VIDEO Also, a Question evolution! campaign group is picking up a head of steam when it comes to gaining additional volunteers.[12]

"Tulsa Public School dropout rates increase" by a substantial percentage. [13] Atheism has that effect on many people.

U.S. Senate Republicans stand up and filibuster a liberal nomination by Obama to a key appellate court. [14] Democrats are stunned; this may be the first successful filibuster of a woman judicial nominee ever.

Is Iran about to go to war with Israel? Or America or Britain? Or its Arab neighbors? [15]

Former Democratic Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is sentenced to a shockingly long term of 14 years in jail. [16]

Will someone finally accept Walt Brown's debate challenge on the hydroplate theory? Someone recently suggested that he might. Here are the rules. [17]

The NFL's Detroit Lions were 6-2 when they mocked Tim Tebow's faith during their victory over him. [18] But since then the Lions have lost 3 out of their 4 games, while Tebow has won all 4 of his. Perhaps mocking faith is not a recipe for success?

Professor values: Irina Kristy, a mathematics college professor at Boston University, will be arraigned later this month on charges of running a methamphetamine lab. Kristy remains on the faculty of Boston University, but was placed on administrative leave. [19]

Chuck Norris asks if apple juice is full of arsenic, "Quit drinking the feds' Kool-Aid!" [20]

The gift of self-defense skyrockets: "gun sales spiked on Black Friday" and MSNBC's own poll shows 80% agree that "guns make a great present." [21]

The "We are atheism" campaign says, "Atheists come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds."[22]

Question: Why do 11/15 of the atheists prominently featured in the "We are atheism" campaign fit the stereotypical Nerd/Goatie or skimpy beard/Wear black/Spiky or shaggy hair profile for atheists? Please see: "We are atheism" campaign faces some challenges

Texas creationists are locked and loaded to oppose evolutionism in a grassroots fashion. [23] What does the Texas Question evolution! campaign group, which has contacted 500 Texas churches, have in store on the horizon?[24]

On a related note, please see: Evolutionists, prepare to have your pseudoscience ripped to shreds and devoured

Madonna becomes the latest washed-up liberal chosen to provide the halftime entertainment at the Super Bowl. Prior liberal has-beens have included Bruce Springsteen (20 years after his prime) and the Rolling Stones (30 years after their prime). [25] Fans might prefer hearing some great conservative songs instead.

The atheist community initiates a "We are atheism" coming out of the atheist closet campaign.[26]

The campaign faces a number of challenges and appears to reinforce some stereotypes as can be seen here: "We are atheism" campaign faces some challenges So much for "superior atheist intellects"!

Failure grows nearer for atheistic Europe: "Standard and Poor's on Monday warned Germany, France and 13 other eurozone members of possible credit downgrades as economic conditions worsen ...." [27]

The lamestream media, such as CNN, pile on against conservative Herman Cain even after he suspended his campaign. [28] Is the liberal goal to make sure no conservative African American runs for president again?

Oh-we-oh Tebow: Tim earns another last-second victory and is now 6-1 since taking over as quarterback for the Denver Broncos. [29]

Are there any quarterbacks who are atheists and as good as Tim Tebow or is the atheist population too cowardly and effeminate to produce such quarterbacks? See also: Atheism and cowardice and Atheism and homosexuality and Atheism vs. Tim Tebow - Tebow wins

Conservative Rand Paul embarrasses neocons likely to back Newt Gingrich, including John McCain, by forcing a vote on a bill they wanted to pass by unanimous consent; McCain and 57 other senators then voted with Paul and against the bill after wanting to pass it unanimously! [30]

Mike Shedlcock, a Ron Paul supporter, takes American presidential candidate Newt Gingrich to task over his doublemindedness and makes the case that Ron Paul's foreign policy is more reasonable than the other Republican presidential candidates.

Shedlock also writes, "We have a projected deficit over the next 10 years of $44 trillion. A group of Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill were charged with coming up with $1.2 trillion in cuts. Just 1.2 out of 44. Not that hard. And they couldn't do it."[31]

"The Donald" will be moderating the next Republican presidential debate. [32] Jon Huntsman and Ron Paul have declined to show, despite the record ratings predicted. They are obviously more comfortable with Liberal media hosts. [33]

Is the new terrorist detention law a Trojan Horse against American liberty? Read the National Defense Authorization Act, watch the embedded videos, and then decide. [34]

Tea Party candidate Herman Cain effectively ends his Republican presidential campaign. The false allegations, "the continued hurt caused on me and my family," as reasons for suspension. [35] Also: a Tea Party activists protests against bully politics. [36]

Is the Bible an immoral book or are liberals engaging in cultural imperialism and attempting to impose liberal standards on the Bible?[37]

"For over 200 years there has been the belief that the sun, planets and moons originated from a vast cloud of gas and dust, the primordial nebula or solar nebula (Lat. nebula = cloud)." Unfortunately for evolutionary astronomers, there is no evidence that this is true and there are evidential challenges to this hypothesis.[38]

"Spending Per Pupil in Public Schools Climbed as Economy Crashed, Says Dept. of Ed Study." [39]

Tim Tebow's true attraction: his personality says Kevin Craft, "...whether it be via Bible verses inscribed in eye paint or in thanking his "lord and savior Jesus Christ" at the beginning of interviews, as he is for his play on the field." [40]

Doug Flutie should be added to our Greatest Conservative Sports Stars: Flutie just endorsed Scott Brown. [41]

For the 34th straight month of Obama's presidency, unemployment is above 8%, and "the labor force shrank by 315,000 as more people stopped looking for work because they're discouraged." Even NPR is appalled.

The Chinese economy is slowing and they are in for a hard landing. [42]

It appears the financial analyst Nick Kapur was right and the more democratic and capitalist free market economy of India will prevail over the Chinese authoritarian central government model in the long run.[43] Want to screw up a country? Put a lot of authoritarian, atheist communist party officials in charge of it.

"Occupy L.A.: 30 tons of debris left behind at City Hall tent city." [44]

As the neoconservative Fox News Channel steps up its campaign for Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney complains privately about its hostile treatment of him in an interview ... and then the Fox News Channel publicizes that private discussion. [45]

Has Israel started to take care of the Iran nuclear program on its own? Then again, how long was Israel supposed to wait? [46]

The fossil whales of the Atacama Desert are part of a larger mystery, and one that scientists have wrestled with for centuries: how did sea creatures get to the tops of mountains? [47]

Fundraiser-n-chief: Obama averages one fundraiser every five days, a blistering pace that easily surpasses his predecessors George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. [48]

News from atheistic Britain: its Commons Speaker has taxpayers pay a "staggering" $57,000 for a portrait of himself, "punctuated by pink triangles which stand for his championing of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights." [49]

No leaders, no message, a lot of lawlessness, and the Occupy Wall Street so-called "movement" is now in the beginning stages of burnout. They wanted a Black Friday protest at Macy's, for example; only four even bothered to show up. [50]

R.I.P.: the daughter of atheist Josef Stalin has passed away. She fled to the United States during the Cold War and said this about her father: "He broke my life. I want to explain to you. He broke my life." [51]

The invitation read "Holiday Party" and the very important guests were Democrat women. But face the facts, it was a Planned Parenthood Christmas party. [52]

Latest poll nationwide: Newt Gingrich 45%, Barack Obama 43%. [53] Newt solidifies his #1 spot in likelihood to win the Presidential Election 2012. Conservapedia is proven right, again.

Live Nativity Scene on display at the Supreme Court starting November 30th. The ACLU is on the losing end of this fight, "Our Constitution provides freedom 'of' religion not freedom 'from' religion." [54]

In addition, biblical creationists are continuing to build up their grassroots soldiers of Christ to wage an all out assault on secularism/evolutionism.[55]

Being destroyed by unions, American Airlines files for bankruptcy. [56] This illustrates Mashall's Rule.

A New Jersey State Senator never lets a tragic case of child abuse go to waste. Instead of reforming the State child protective service, she proposes a bill to make homeschooling more difficult and subject to more government intrusion. [57]

Blast from the past: Respectful treatment of priests, Catholicism, and dedication to God in an old episode of the Dick Van Dyke Show. [58]

The Norwegian who enjoyed playing violent video games before murdering 68 at a government youth camp may even avoid jail. [59] No word yet on whether he'll be playing the latest new video games.

The character assassination of Herman Cain by Democrats and the liberal media may have succeeded. Cain is considering leaving the 2012 Presidential race. [60] [61]

Who is discriminating now? "A gay softball organization has agreed to pay an undisclosed sum to three players who were disqualified from its 2008 Gay Softball World Series because of their perceived heterosexuality." [62]

Liberal double standards: The Richmond Tea Party sent a letter to city officials demanding a $10,000 refund for use of the city park. Occupy Richmond has been using the park for free. The Richmond Tea Party gets audited. [63]

A Minnesota hospital stops doing abortions, which had totaled about 545 per year there.[64]

Cardinal Raymond Burke can see the persecution of Catholics in America's future. He declared that “it is a war” and “critical at this time that Christians stand up for the natural moral law.” Should they not, he warned, “secularization will in fact predominate and it will destroy us.” Catholic League President William Donohue told LifeSiteNews that Cardinal Burke’s remarks were accurate and not exaggerations. “Secularism has become militant.” [65]

Setback for the homosexual agenda: Democrat Barney Frank -- "the nation’s most powerful openly-gay elected official" -- will not seek reelection. [66] He won with only 54% of the vote last time and redistricting made it even more competitive. Pray that Sean Bielat decides to take the challenge. [67]

Atheistic public schools have fallen to the bottom even in football: "private schools have earned eight out of a possible 12 semifinal spots over the past three seasons, including a clean sweep this season. It is further evidence, some say, of a growing trend where private schools will dominate football championships as they have in other sports." [68]

Newt Gingrich retakes the #1 spot in likelihood to win the Presidential Election 2012, as Mitt Romney continues to be weak on key issues like abortion.

Newt Gingrich wins the endorsement of New Hampshire's most influential newspaper: the New Hampshire Union Leader.

Theistic evolution fails - atheists tell evolutionary tall tales to their kids.[69]

Europe or the United States: Whose fuse is shorter?[70] Super Committee failure raises questions.

Shocking admission of the truth: U.S. biotech giant Geron Corp told the world it is "ending further development of its embryonic stem cell projects" while "teams working with adult stem cells ... are making good progress." [71]

Confirmed: the tragic death after playing video games was from cardiac arrest, for a college football player with a heart condition who had competed successfully in 9 games this season for a top-ranked team. [72] Are video games more stressful than playing high-pressure college football?

"Russian TV anchor fired for flipping bird after Obama's name." [73] Does the liberal media even run Russia too?

House to Hold Hearing on Anti-Catholic HHS Discrimination Next Thursday. [74]

Even ABC News reports: "Obama Leaves God out of Thanksgiving Speech." [75]

Strauss-Kahn lawyer eyes plot in downfall Disgraced ex-IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn's lawyer on Friday suggested that a political plot could have been behind sex assault charges that brought down his client. Washington attorney William Taylor referred to an upcoming investigative article in the New York Review of Books as evidence that the then powerful French politician may have been derailed, just as he was preparing to run against French President Nicolas Sarkozy. [76]

Without economic growth, all Eurozone "fixes" will fail. "Europe as a cultural, political and economic institution has evolved into a status quo preservationist society, where anything new is seen as a challenge to be resisted -- i.e. regulated, restricted, taxed." [77]

Barack Hussein Obama's Mission Accomplished moment in Libya. Obama launched the War in Libya giving the reason for the need to protect the civilian population from Qaddafi. Now that he's gone, lawlessness and brutality has increased. "Thousands of people, including women and children, are being illegally detained by rebel militias in Libya," and "up to 7,000 new "enemies of the state", "disappeared" in a dysfunctional system, with no recourse to the law." [78]

"Has there ever been a more heavily criticized quarterback that stood at 4-1 through his first five games?" [79] That quarterback is pro-life, outspokenly Christian Tim Tebow, and (as George Orwell observed) "all issues are political issues."

What Obama hath wrought: [80]

"Wall Street: Worst week for stock market in 2 months," with the DJIA losing 4.8%. And amid the overhyped Black Friday, stock fell 3.5% today. The lamestream media blames everyone except Obama. [81]

Democrats' double standard: Obama cannot give a speech without reading from a teleprompter, but conservative Herman Cain supposedly has a "scary lack of knowledge." [82]

Liberal media's overhype for evolutionary claims strikes again - doubts persist about the existence of planet Gliese 581g.[83]

The Obama Administration exports the homosexual agenda, denouncing "a Russian bill imposing fines for the promotion of gay 'propaganda' among young people in the city of Saint Petersburg." [84]

Warren Buffett says that he doesn't pay enough in taxes and wants every millionaire to pay more. So why is Buffett's company NetJets disputing paying their fair share of taxes? [85] Also in the news, Buffett's company is accused of illegal insider trading. [86]

"Obama’s Pick to Head Medicare and Medicaid Resigns Post ... Republicans caricatured Dr. Berwick as an advocate of health care rationing" [87]

The souffle of secular Europe is beginning the process of collapse and it is causing world stocks and Asia to be affected.[88][89] Will atheism and evolutionism collapse as quickly when the full force of the growing Question evolution! campaign is brought upon them?[90] The ideological "stress test" is coming.

The Financial Times says its time for countries/sovereigns to swallow their bitter medicine.[91] In the last 200 years, there have been hundreds of countries which defaulted on their debt. The amount of sovereign debt in the world has recently seen a sharp rise and it is unsustainable. Sovereign debt is creating significant risk of a worldwide economic downturn. [92][93] A worldwide economic collapse is a distinct possibility.[94] This VIDEO about an upcoming economic collapse/armageddon offers a sound warning.

Liberalism is unsustainable. Unpopular austerity measures are being forced onto profligate nations due to economic necessity. [95][96][97][98][99][100] Liberals, there is no economic free lunch. Sooner or later, you have to pay the piper.

Today could mark the day that Europe and the world lost confidence in the ability of secular Europe to handle its financial problems. The inner core European country of Germany had a bond auction which significantly failed to attract buyers - 6 billion offered, but only 3.6 billion takers.[101] Bit by bit, atheism, Darwinism and liberalism weakens a country.[102][103] However, on a brighter note, atheism is shrinking in the world. Plus, the worldwide Question evolution! campaign is picking up steam and will no doubt accelerate the global decline of atheism/evolutionism.[104]

Climategate II: More damning evidence of scientific fraud regarding Global Warming. The latest batch of climate scientist emails are released by an unknown individual. [105] Detailed description, and a retrospective on Climategate I: [106]

Both sides and even public school teachers criticize how school administrators handled complaints that led up to a school shooting. The victim's mother "revealed for the first time Monday that she had contacted school officials four days before the shooting in an effort to solicit their cooperation in toning down her son's behavior. ... She said she was told that her son had a civil right to explore his sexual identity." [107]

A Tea Party activist renews a call for a third party, after the "super committee" failed to agree. [108] Also: exactly what risk would that involve? [109]

Atheists prepare for the difficult road ahead: Sunday marks the start of what Christians call Advent. [110] "I once wanted to become an atheist but I gave up . . . they have no holidays." - Henny Youngman

Attention all atheists and the ACLU: If you whine and kvetch about Christmas manger scenes and engage in other "War on Christmas" activities, YouTube Christian Shockofgod and his fans are liable to double or triple their Question evolution! campaign activities![111] Happy holidays!

Will two Justices of the Supreme Court need to recuse themselves from Obamacare cases? Two pro se litigants demand just that. [112]

The lamestream media still falsely portrays the action of Brandon McInerney as a hate crime even though all 12 jurors rejected that politically motivated accusation.

British Parliament misled on the numbers of abortions, taxpayers spent £30million more than previously thought. At issue, private clinic counselling to women in a crisis pregnancy situation are also performing terminations, "too much money changes hands for anyone to argue that the private abortion provider can remain objective during the decision-making process." [113]

The MF Global scandal is worse than everyone thought, with $1.2 billion in missing money. Score one for Obama crony Jon S. Corzine. [114]

Green energy blues: Wind turbines in the Netherlands fall to the budget axe. "The Dutch government says offshore wind power is too expensive and that it cannot afford to subsidize the entire cost of 18 cents per kilowatt hour -- some 4.5 billion euros last year." [115]

"Loud booing" greeted Michelle Obama when she appeared at a NASCAR event in Florida on Sunday. [116] Obama is unlikely to win Florida, and he cannot win reelection without it.

From the Japan earthquake comes a striking new observation: we can predict this! But even the scientists who found the sign can't explain it. A creation scientist can, and does. [117]

The stock market plummets Monday as Democrats stonewall efforts to clean up the national debt. [118]

Did a video game cause the tragic death of a college football player on a top-ranked team? He was last seen, in apparent good health, playing a video game at 10:15am Sunday. About an hour later, he was found dead from cardiac arrest, without any suspicious circumstances. [119]

The United Nations UNESCO committee on human rights has accepted Syria as a member. [120] Syria has killed more than 3,500 demonstrators and arrested tens of thousands of citizens since the Arab Spring began.

A massive victory of historic proportions by conservatives in Spain: receiving 10.6 million votes against only 6.8 million for the Socialist Party, with conservatives winning a stunning majority in Parliament. [121] Precursor to the upcoming conservative landslide in 2012 in the United States?

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