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the HOLY BOOK OF COWABUNGA The goal of this project is, essentially, to produce “HOLY WORK” - a kind Parody on the Bible or other so-called holy writings, which everyone - really EVERYONE - who has something to add, can do so. In addition, the project is primarily intended to be a demonstration of how simple it is to produce the mental Onanism of an immense number at people, which is not only a “religious work”, but also which has some educational value.

There are, however, some rules, which must be obeyed:

  • Everything must sound as if the work would be a history enclosed in itself. *There should not be any contradictions in this compound work - and if there are, an excuse for the “apparent” contradiction(s) must exist (or you can ask a rabbi or theologican of your choice to make up an excuse by interpretation, or do it yourself).
  • Each article must carry a “sacral”, or Silly Holy Book Title, as a title. Example: “Holy book crap of Mortimer the elder” or “The holy prophecies of Gustav”, etc.
  • It should not tread on other religions' established mythology (unless you want it to, but only in connection to new ideas of your own conception). Thus no Jesus or Buddha may occur. However, Asherah, Zeus, Aphrodite, Manitou (of the Delaware and Algonquin Indians), and Amaterasu (of the Japanese) may be characters, although they are all from some religion's established mythology.
  • Each sacred character, divinity, or new term should be produced, whenever possible, by one's own conception, or from a random name generator.
  • It does not have to be all imbecility, which is located to nonsense in the articles - it is rather a skillful mixture of sense - and desired, in order to win still more at authenticity.
  • For beginners: one adds a new page or article simply, by editing on clicks and afterwards in the text on the page or article which can be provided produces a new page or article - with TWICE OPENING SQUARE BRACKETS side name TWICE CLOSING SQUARE BRACKETS. Copied in the case of doubt simply the last entry in the list and amends the text.

The following holy writings can be (supposedly) 3000 years old, or as fresh as yesterday, or from any time period as you so desire. They are inspired from divine wisdom and nothing is as truthful as them.

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