"Fuck yeah, I live to suck cock!"

From Create Your Own Adventure

"You heard my boy," Dean says, shifting slightly on the couch to make room in front of where you're crouched. "He's ready for more dick."

You feel a strange swell of pride when Dean calls you "my boy" and your mouth waters as the guy in the wifebeater sits in front of you, his dick hard and upright.

You go down on him with a heady recklessness, sucking his cock as best as you can, and really working his shaft with one hand. Dean's deep voice is omnipresent while you descend on the man's cock.

"Yeah, boy, you suck dick like cocksucker daddy wants you to be," he says, and you feel your own dick grow rock hard in your pants.

"Fuck," the guy in the wifebeater moans, gripping your hair with both hands and pushing you up and down on his cock. You struggle not to gag a bit as he gets rougher, but when he blows his load, you eagerly suck every drop you can, swallowing and licking his dick and balls clean like you did with Dean.

Someone else takes the guy's place, and after that, it happens again. And again.

There start to be cheers in the room with each change of occupant on the couch, and you feel yourself moving in a haze of lust and eagerness. Dean's voice continues to cajole and prod you, until finally, after you think you've blown maybe a half-dozen guys or more - some of them twice - he pulls you to your feet and says, "That's all, guys."

There are some groans, but mostly people laugh and move away.

You stand awkwardly, breathing heavily and aware you've got spunk on your shirt.

"You did good, boy," Dean says, leaning in close. "You want daddy to take you home now and finish you off? You've earned it."

You say...

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