"...stick it in my pussy, Brandon."

From Create Your Own Story

Brandon looks a bit shocked, but that expression changes as soon as you plant your lips on his. You feel his cock growing larger against your stomach. Good God, it's a pretty big tool for a twelve-year old. It's at least eight inches long. You wonder how you'll fit it all inside of you when Brandon takes control.

He starts off by grabbing your budding breasts, causing a moan to escape your lips. Before you know it, lust has taken over your best friend, and he's bent you against the wall of the shower. Your ass and pussy are pushed out to him, begging for entry.

Brandon teases your cunt with his dick, causing a moan to escape your lips. Before you have time to react, he thrusts himself all the way into you, breaking your hymen and causing shockwaves of pleasure to rattle around your body. From his moans, you can tell that he's close to unleashing his seed

Do you...

You are possessing:
8th Grade Emo Girl
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