"...take me to your happiness-filled house, Susan."

From Create Your Own Story

"That sounds good," Susan agrees. She gives you a peck on the cheek. "You may not be normal, Reg, but you're sweet and I like you exactly as is."

When school is out, you take Susan's hand in yours and walk to her house. When you get to her room, it seems to exude happiness from every surface. Susan takes you in her arms and gives you a tender, loving tongue-kiss. When she breaks the kiss, she murmurs, "Regina, you have already made me very happy and you're about to make me happier."

"I'm ready," you smile. You remove your glasses and your clothing while Susan strips. She lies down on the bed with her legs spread. You waste no time, kissing your way up her thighs and then lapping up her honey. Susan lets out a soft moan. You tease her clit with your tongue and she shivers.

"Mmmmmmmm," Susan purrs. "That's amazing, Regina." You open her up and drive your tongue inside her. Susan's long legs lock around your head and her breath becomes ragged gasps. You put a finger to her button as you swirl your tongue and her body begins shuddering. Susan lets out a lustful scream as she floods your face. You lick up her juices as her legs unlock from your head.

"Delicious," you grin.

"You made me very happy," Susan whispers. "Would you like me to reciprocate?"

You are possessing:
Orange-haired 14-year-old
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