"Accidentaly" empty more soda onto your mom

From Create Your Own Story

You grab another bottle of Mountain Dew, shake it a few times, and, before she even has time to react, you twist the cap off and point it right at her chest.

Jessica screeches as she is drenched in soda, head to toe. The sofa is also soaked all around where she is sitting. As the pressure winds down, a thick stream of foam oozes out the end and plops down into her lap.

A month ago, Brandon would be grounded for life. Now, the mother glares at you before saying "have it your way."

TV forgotten, you both scramble over to the food and start opening, throwing, and dodging each other's attacks. You do get a bit wet, but the mother is long gone within minutes- her pants sag with the weight of the absorbed soda, revealing a panty line. Her nipples stand firm and taut against her thin tank top, acting as perfect targets.

Soon the soda and chips are strewn about the room carelessly. The TV, family computer, and furniture have all been drenched, but a few words will dissuade your mother from cleaning anything up. She looks down at the bottle in her hand, tries to drink the last few frothy bubbles from it, and ends up dripping most of them down her chest anyway.

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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