"Can I work it off here at the ranch? I'll stay as long as it takes."

From Create Your Own Story

"Well, most of the work here at the ranch is the usual boring kind..." You can see the rancher thinking. "But I know just the thing! My uncle Joe could probably use exactly a girl with your talents!"

He smiles so brightly you actually jump up and down and clap your hands for a second.

"Over at his farm, there is this Jacob, a stallion he's trying to breed, only the dumb animal doesn't seem interested in sex at all, so Joe can't harvest any of its sperm. I bet you could make Jacob part with that valuable horse cum of his!

"Only thing is that the processing unit and freezer is here, at my place. So you'd have to come here with the sperm you collected before me and Joe can pay you. I believe Joe would pay you a dollar a canister of first class horse sperm - what do you say, little doll?"

"So a hundred of these canister things and we're even?" you ask him.

"Well, I'd have to charge you 40ยข or thereabouts for the processing and storage, so that's..." He grimaces.

"A hundred buckets and sixty cents... ah, fuck it, let's say one hundred and fifty big buckets! That look fair to you?" He looks genuinely relieved and gives you a big grin.

What do you say?

You are possessing:
12th Grade Girl (Katy)
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