"Could you help me get something out of a tight space?"

From Create Your Own Story

"I suppose I could," John replies. "So what is it that's stuck?"

You spin around and raise your skirt. "Just this big dildo in my tight little asshole." John's jaw drops at the sight of your gorgeous bare ass. "It feels really good in there, but I just can't get it out."

"I don't know that you should be showing me that, Valerie. Shouldn't you take care of that yourself?"

You turn around, step closer, and look him in the eyes. "Please, I really want your help. I'd be ever so grateful." Your hand rubs the bulge in his pants and you can feel his "growing" interest.

"Well, I guess I can't say no then," John says as his excitement builds. You turn around and press your butt against his hips, the bulge in his pants grinding against you. You feel his strong hands slide down your legs and raise your skirt. You bend over and clench your sphincter as John takes hold of the base of the dildo. You resist his attempt to pull the phallus out, enjoying every knob slowing passing out of your little rosebud.

When it's out, how do you show your gratitude?

You are possessing:
Hot College Girl
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