"Did I say I didn't like it? Now tie me back, fetch that Clydesdale, and this time, make sure his whole cock fucks me!"

From Create Your Own Story

"What? You're in no condition to fuck another horse tonight, missy! You need to be stitched up, and then get some rest!" says the rancher.

"Nah," you say and check your bleeding pussy. "I'm not that badly hurt. I think I can take another go." you say with conjured conviction.

"But he'll fucking kill you!" the rancher says, trepidation creeping into his voice.

"Like you're not into fucking little dead girls, Mister." You enjoy the surprised look of guilt on his face.

"Look, it's a win win scenario for you. You'll get to see a happy little girl get her rape wish come true, and you can molest my cooling body until you throw it into the trash if I don't make it back home."

"Either way, tie me back up. Now!!" You turn around to lie on the cum-splattered mounting bench belly up and glare at the rancher.

That shut him up good. While he's busy tying your nubile body back to the bench, you consider the possibilities.

On one hand, the girl probably won't survive if you're not in control to contain the damage as it's done to her. On the other hand, it would feel super awesome to take control of such a big cock. And you feel fairly certain you can use your intimate knowledge about the girl's body to control the horse's fucking to keep any damage to a minimum.

You decide to:

You are possessing:
12th Grade Girl (Katy)
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