"Eat me out, Travis."

From Create Your Own Story

"Wait a minute..." the boy says hesitantly.

"I gave you a BJ, so it's only fair," you reply as you straddle him in bed.

"But I've never gone down on a girl before."

"So what? There's a first time for everything," you say as you position your crotch over his face. "Kiss my pussy."

The boy puckers up and kisses your slit. Nervously, Travis sticks his tongue out and licks at your lips. You grab his hair and press your clitoris against his lips, enjoying his tongue roughly massaging your hood. His strong hands stroke your thigh and squeeze your ass before he rolls you over. Travis's tongue finds its way between your wet lips, lapping up your juices as you pinch your hard nipples. Soon a finger joins his mouth in exploring your aroused twat. Your face flushes as the warmth between your legs spreads. Your thighs clamp his face against your dripping snatch as waves of orgasm wrack your body.

Do you:

You are possessing:
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