"Fuck my ass, Travis"

From Create Your Own Story

"Fu-fu-fuck your..." the boy stammers as you climb into bed with him.

"Yes, fuck my ass. Your brother never does. I want to know how it feels." You take hold of his hard cock and stroke it lightly, his lotion greasing up your fingers. "So should I lay down, or do I have to climb on you and do it myself?" Travis hesitates before getting onto his knees. As you lie on your side, he puts one of your ankles on his shoulder and coats your butthole in hand lotion. You feel his cock press against you and slide away a couple times before he finally works it into you. Travis's thin cock is perfect for your virgin asshole, stretching it slowly as he thrusts into you. Travis pushes down on your upstreched leg as he fucks you, straining your sore hips. Your fingers slip inside your wet twat, tickling your G spot as Travis squeezes your tender nipple painfully.

"You're such a dirty girl," Travis whispers as he continues to fill your bowel and grope your chest. Your head fills with a mixture of pain and pleasure as your fingers and his dick push you to the limit.

Closing your eyes, you beg Travis, "That's it. Fuck me hard. Cum in my ass. Make me your ass slut." You cum loudly as you cunt squeezes your fingers and your ass clamps down on Travis's cock.

As the boy continues to pound at your butt, you hear footsteps in the hall. "Jessie!" Wyatt yells as he pushes his brother off of you.

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