"I'll take you to the lake, Katy, and we can sit on the beach and watch the birds and the waves."

From Create Your Own Story

Katy giggles. "I like how you think."

After your time in the library to get the studying part of the day out of the way, you take Katy's hand in yours and the two of you walk to the lake. The beach is mostly rocky, not sandy (though right near the water's edge there's about a 20-foot-wide zone where there's sand before the rocks start, extending all along the beachfront), and you settle yourselves on a convenient rock ledge.

You quietly take in the sights and sounds of both nature and people for a bit. The waves roll back and forth. A family is building a sand castle. Several people are swimming and surfing. Some boys are tossing a Frisbee. the gulls circle around, occasionally diving down when someone tosses out a piece of bread. Katy's small hand feels nice in yours.

After about 40 minutes, you both rise and head back towards town. "That was a pleasant way to spend an afternoon," Katy murmurs.

"I agree," you say with a smile.

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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