"I'll take you to the park, Katy, and we can eat hot dogs and watch the free musical performance."

From Create Your Own Story

Katy giggles. "Sounds good to me."

School slides by, and with two brains, homework and studying is pretty easy. You hold Katy's hand as you head to the park, and after purchasing two hot dogs you find a bench to sit on, fairly close to the improvised stage.

The band leader introduces himself as Jason. His band normally does the bar scene for the college kids, but they're trying to get more exposure. Then they start playing, and they're pretty darn good. Certainly worth the time you're spending.

A tall college girl sits next to you. She stares at Jason the whole time. "Isn't he just dreamy? By the way, I'm Kaya."

"I'm Brandon, and this is Katy."

"Jason is my boyfriend. He's talented and hot." Kaya goes quiet, entranced by Jason. After several more songs, the concert ends.

You are possessing:
6th Grade Boy
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