"I'm going to cum."

From Create Your Own Story

You tell Josh you know exactly where you want his load and open your mouth wide for him.

He happily obliges and sticks his hard rod into your warm, wet mouth. You look up at him with adoration, enjoying the feeling of his hard cock in your mouth. You feel his warm cock spasm as he drains his balls into your throat. He coats your mouth with his baby batter and you barely manage to get it all down. His thick creamy load tastes amazing as it coats your tongue and starts to spill from your mouth.

You can't believe how much jizz he pumps into your slutty little mouth. Finally, he pulls out, leaving a string of cum connecting your lips to his cock. You gulp down the sticky semen covering your mouth and smile up at your little brother. Your hair is a mess, your cheeks are covered in saliva and cum, and your make up is running. But you're still extremely horny.

"Sis, that was the best fuck of my life. I love you so much right now." your brother says, finally catching his breath.

You lie down on the bed and spread your legs invitingly.

"C'mon Josh, is that it? We still have all night before Mom and Dad get home. That's plenty of time for you to recover and fill me up again isn't it?" you say with sly grin.

Josh grins as his cock twitches back to full erectness. Looks like you have a fun night of being your brother's slut ahead of you yet.


You are:
Jessica, age 21
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