"I can always suck a few guys downtown. If you drive me I'll have your money real quick."

From Create Your Own Story

It doesn't take long before you're back in the city, the farmer offering to pimp you around while you rest up in his truck.

Your body is tired, but your demonic mind is excited. You run your hands over your sweaty sticky body, and even try to rub your torn pussy until the pain stings too much. A small puddle of blood and horse cum has formed in your seat and you eagerly lick your fingers, savoring the metallic salty taste.

Then two shapes outside the window tells you the farmer is back with your first client or "John". You open the door and greet him with a perky smile.

"Wow, she's beautiful! And as young as you promised!" the john, a wizened old man, tells the rancher. "Here's forty bucks!"

"Thanks, enjoy!" The rancher takes the money, counts it, and gives you half. "Here's your first twenty. Five more of these and you've repaid your debt, if we include an extra $20 for petrol."

What do you do?

You are possessing:
12th Grade Girl (Katy)
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