"I want you to toss me off."

From Create Your Own Story

You position yourself in such a way that you are lead next to Josh, and you are able to reach down go his cock right hand. You begin to passionately kiss him, like you have never kissed a guy before. as you move your hand up and down his magnificent shaft, you feel ever vain, ever ridge and ever little bump in the skin. It would turn you on just being this close to your brother, but you are now this close and stroking his cock only an inch or two away from your wet pussy, which is craving for his cock to be inside you. You then feel his hand on you face, slowly make its way down your body, stopping fora moment to play with your already hard nipple, then make its way down you stomach and finally find you pussy. You gasp as he touches you clit and begin to kiss him even more passionately. You feel a wave of pleasure cores through you, making you even more wet.

Suddenly he slides his middle finger right into your pussy, some how finding your g-spot instantly. You feel like his finger was made to fit in your pussy, you then think through your haze of horniness how his cock must fit in your pussy. He stops kissing you and fingering you, but you continue to jerk him off.

There is a moment of silence before he says,


You are:
Jessica, age 21
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