"Let's go back to my place, daddy, and you can help me deal with it."

From Create Your Own Story

The daddy bear grins. "I'll deal with you all right," he says.

You both leave the bathroom and the as you pass the line of sight further into you the bar on your way to the front door, you see the daddy exchange an odd wave with someone. The bouncer tosses you a wink as you leave, and you give him a grin in return.

At your place, the daddy bear undresses you with rough tugs and calloused hands, and you writhe under his touch. He bends you over his lap, the daddy bear still fully clothed, and to your surprise he starts slapping your ass, hard. He gives you one for every year of your birthday, and somehow, the slap of his hand on your ass, despite being painful and causing a serious heat to burn on your ass cheeks, gets you rock hard against his lap.

Your ass red, he shoves you onto your bed, then strips, and you you suck him again until he's hard. He flips you over and eats your spanked ass for what seems like an hour. His beard rubs at your hot ass cheeks and makes you squirm, while his slick tongue offers a kind of relief and you writhe on his tongue.

"Good?" he asks, pulling his face back.

"Absolutely!" you say, gasping.

He laughs. "You ready for me again?"

You press your face into your pillow, wiggling your ass at him. He chuckles.

Two of his fingers slide into your sore, slick ass. "You like that?"

"Yes!" you moan.

He stops, pulling out his fingers, and then you feel a squirt of lube slosh on your ass. He squirts a lot of the liquid, and then his fingers return. They probe, twisting, and thrusting, and you push back against them, making little mewling sounds.

"Daddy wants to take that ass in hand, boy..." he says.

You gasp, as you feel a third finger press into you. It's tight, and yet it feels fucking awesome.

"You ever had a hand up your ass, boy?" he asks.

You turn to look over your shoulder at him, eyes wide.

He grins, and rolls you onto his back, and he pushes your knees up high until you grab them with your hands. Then his three fingers return to your hole, pressing into you. His eyes lock with yours, and you feel yourself breathing quickly.

"Relax, boy," he says, and his little finger joins the others.

You wince, but try to relax. He grins at you, and leans forward. "That's right."

He turns his fingers inside you, and an incredible heat flashes up your body. You moan, your entire body shaking, and he chuckles. "You like that, eh?"

You manage to nod. Sweat breaks out all over your skin.

His thumb teases your hole, and you grunt, shaking. When his fist enters you, a whiteness spreads over your field of vision, and the sensation of his hot fist inside your ass is overwhelming. Gripping your knees, you feel your cock jerk, and a spurt of cum spreads across your stomach as you come. You breathe, stunned.

"Oh boy," he says, leaning forward, the change in angle making your ass clench around his fingers and thumb. "I'm gonna enjoy you all night long."

You shiver, but you smile.

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