"Let's go back to my place, pig."

From Create Your Own Story

He smiles, you both pull up your pants and button up, and you give him directions back to your place.

Once inside, you take him to your bedroom, and you both waste no time getting naked. He's a short, hairy fireplug of a guy, but his body is surprisingly ripped and he has hard six-pack abs. He bends you over the bed and immediately shoves his face into your ass, eating out his previously deposited load. He grunts and snorts as he roughly rims your smooth hole. He definitely lives up to his "PIG" reputation.

He fucks you bent over your bed, smacking your ass as he rams hard into your tight hole. He seems to get off on degrading you, calling you a "faggot," "slut," and "whore" as he pounds you mercilessly. He fucks with rough, jackrabbit thrusts that make you grunt into your mattress. After several minutes, he pulls out and flips you on your back. He crawls up onto the bed and between your legs and keeps railing you without missing a beat. His face is red and mean, the veins on his neck and temples throbbing. The verbal abuse continues and at one point, he spits in your face and slaps you hard. You know you should be offended and humiliated, but the brutal treatment and relentless fuck turn you on more than you've ever been before.

After he blows deep in your ass, he shoves your head down to his sticky dick by your hair, and you lick and suck his dick clean of his cum, getting him hard enough again to go once more before you both fall sleep.

You wake up alone the next morning, though there's a number on a piece of paper beside the bed, with a note that says, "Happy Birthday - call us next blackout."

You smile, and get up to start the day.

(The end - please send feedback to [email protected])

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