"Let's start with tonight."

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"Mmmmm," Kerri whispers. "Sounds wonderful, Ashley."

You kiss her full on the lips. "Ready for more?"

Kerri smiles. "Sure." You reposition your bodies into a 69 and begin slurping at her sweet pussy. Her tongue is driving you wild, and it's not long before you both climax. Then you do it again... and again...

Finally, now completely exhausted, you and Kerri curl up in each other's arms. Kerri's head rests against your shoulder as you both drift into a deep sleep.

The next morning, you two hold hands as you walk into the school, having been chauffered by your father's driver in your private limo. "I could get used to this," Kerri whispers. "I think I'll stick around for a while."

You kiss Kerri softly on the lips. Kerri slides her tongue into your mouth as she presses the kiss. You hear cheers and catcalls . A crowd of boys is doing the cheering, and several of your friends are growling with derision. A young, pretty female teacher hustles over. You recognize her as Miss L'Engle, the first-year teacher of both French and Spanish.

"Isn't young love wonderful?" Miss L'Engle says, favoring you and Kerri with a seductive smile. You're positive she winked at the two of you when she said it. Miss L'Engle's curly brown hair and small glasses for her small face make her look very pretty. Her lithe body and firm B-cup breasts make her resemble the runner she was in college. She can't be more than 25.

"Okay, everyone," she continues. "Time for class. Don't want to be late." As she walks off, she surreptitiously slips a note into Kerri's hand. You two find a secluded alcove and read it.

If you girls want, meet me at my house at 4:30 p.m. for some fun. You don't have to but I was very turned on by the kiss. Miss L. The note gives her address.

You are possessing:
Snotty girl
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