"Let me taste you first," as you kiss your way to Carla's leaking pussy

From Create Your Own Story

Carla gives you a sexy smile. "Works for me."

You continue kissing your way down her body, and when you kiss her clit, she gasps. You spread her legs and slip your tongue inside Carla's honeypot. She wraps her legs around your head as you eagerly lap up her sweetness.

You reach your hands up to caress her, searching for her pert breasts. You gently tease her nipples as you keep licking her. Carla's body shudders as she gushes her honey into your waiting mouth.

You lick her to a second climax, then remove your head from between her legs. You lie on your back and spread your own legs, and Carla kisses your breasts, sucks your nipples, and kisses down to your slit. She's not particularly skilled, but she's eager, and her tongue makes you climax soon enough.

You slide her body upwards, rest her head on your large chest, and cradle her lovingly. "Carla, that was wonderful," you murmur.

Carla presses against you. "You're so gentle. It's comfortable to be with you."

You are possessing:
Big Black Slutty Woman
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