"My place. I'll cook you a delightful meal. What is your favorite food?"

From Create Your Own Story

"I don't remember the last time a man offered to cook for me," she grins. "My favorite food is wings made with salt-and-vinegar flavoring. My mom used to make them when I was a girl..."

Her voice trails off, and she appears to be strolling down memory lane. When she refocuses her eyes on you, you give her a smile. "Here's my address. Is 7 p.m. good for you?"

Tina laughs. "Absolutely."

"Those were the best I've ever had," Tina laughs, wiping her lips. "How'd you learn to cook so well, Tim?"

"I live by myself," you tell her. "It's either learn to cook or don't eat."

She responds with a giggle. "I guess that makes sense. You were forthright with me in the teacher's lounge, so I'll be forthright with you. I've been quite lonely for a while, all the good men seemed to be taken. I have physical needs I'd like you to satisfy."

You look at her soft, nicely rounded body. She's got womanly curves without weighing 400 pounds, a decent-sized chest, and salt-and-pepper hair that is normally in a bun, but is now halfway down her back. "You're not an 18-year-old fashion model -- you're much better than that," you reply. "I think I could be convinced to... satisfy your physical needs. I like your curves."

"That was the best sex any man has ever given me," Tina purrs as she snuggles against you. "I don't know what the kids are going to say when they realize I'm wearing the same clothes tomorrow as I was today, but it was worth it. I'd like to spend more time with you."

"I like the way you think," you tell her, wrapping your arms tightly around her and nestling even closer. Her eyes half-close as she relaxes. You're a bit tired yourself...

You are possessing:
Science Teacher
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