"No, I won't forget."

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Status: Naked in front of an old friend

"Nope, not gonna happen.", you tell Cindi, "I can't just forget something like that."

"Damn, I was hoping.-", Cindi says dejectedly.

"Ciiiindiii, stop being all mopey.", you say, "that's not what I meant."

You clarify, "I meant that I didn't want to forget it. It's very sweet that you like me that much and honestly I'm very flattered. There's one small problem though: if you wanna be in my club you have to wear the club uniform. It's lightweight and VERY casual. Only issue with it is it isn't very warm but I can find a way to keep you warm. What do you think of it?" you say as you spin around in front of her.

"I don't know," Cindi responds, "I'll have to take it for a test drive first".

With that she pulls off her blouse followed by her bra. Your eyes go wide when you see how big her tits have gotten since you last saw her. She pulls off her pants to reveal a black thong.

"There we go", she says nonchalantly.

"Hey, those aren't regulation panties", you exclaim, "they don't match with the top!".

"Ooh, you're right", answers Cindi, "I hate when I don't match.". Cindi slips her fingers into the thong's waistband and slides the thong down her legs and kicks it off. You love the sight of the red little landing strip adorning her soaking wet swollen cunt.

"That's better", you say, "now you're in uniform. And may I say it looks perfect on you."

"I don't know", says Cindi, "I need to take it out for a spin"

"Okay, wanna drive to my place?", you ask.

"Nah, I haven't exercised yet today. Let's walk there," she suggests.

"You naughty girl!" you tease.

"Says the girl who walks up to my house, shows me her hoohah and gets me naked."

You and Cindi walk right past the huge crowd without a hint of shame and the crowd cheers. You both wave at them and they go wild.

Do you:

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