"No, just put something on over it."

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"Brandon, I'm covered in cum and I haven't showered since before yesterday." Valerie looks down at her disheveled clothes and the pool of jizz she's standing in.

"I know..." is all you say in reply, taking a long, obvious glance up and down her body. If you can actually convince her to go out like this...

Your sister seems to think for a few moments, but being the sexy little slut that she is, it's not long before the thought becomes exciting to her. "And anyone could see us..."

You step over to her again, cock once again straining against your pants. "Yeah..."

"And we might get..." She puts a hand on your recently-covered bulge and whispers "caught?" hopefully. Mission accomplished.

Resisting the urge to just bone Valerie yet again right here is difficult, but you manage long enough to go upstairs. Your parents left around 5:00 and the clock now reads 8:34, which means you've already been boning Valerie for a solid 3.5 hours. Huh.

Valerie takes no note of this as she enters her bedroom, leaving foot-shaped cumprints along the way. Then she strips, showing you those flawless tits and that incredible twat you've been fucking for 2 months. She notices you staring and rolls her eyes. "We're never getting out of this house, are we?"

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy with large-apple-sized balls and a 12-inch cock
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