"Now you've seen me, I think I should see you."

From Create Your Own Story

The boy goes pale at your suggestion.

"Come on. It's only fair. Let me see what's making that tent in your pants." The boy's hands shake as he fumbles with his fly. Finally, he gets his pants open and pulls them down to reveal his hairless crotch and semi-hard penis. "I think you can do better than that," you say as you guide his hand to his cock. He looks down and starts fondling himself when you feel a sharp blow to the back of your head.

"bastard!" the man standing above you shouts. Your vision blurs, but you can see him throw the bloody putter aside before he grabs you by the arm. Your shoulder aches as he yanks you to your feet. His fist slams into your jaw as the boy runs away. You drop back to the ground limply as you are knocked out cold.

Do you:

You are possessing:
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