"Prove it."

From Create Your Own Story

She glares at you with some mixture of frustration and, you guessed it, arousal, and slips her flip flops to the floor. With surprising dexterity, she reaches those long, lovely legs under the table and undoes your fly, pulling your cock out with her feet. At your expression of surprise, she shrugs as though uninterested and says "You asked."

"But..." you stammer, feeling oddly powerless in the situation.

"What's wrong?" She asks with a grin. "I thought you liked me?" You grasp her feet and aid her motion, up and down, rubbing your cock into euphoria with feet already covered in your own cum.

"Holy shit, you're amazing," you stutter.

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy with large-apple-sized balls and a 12-inch cock
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