"Ram it up my ass, Miss Wolfe."

From Create Your Own Story

"Very well," she says.

She puts away the whip, grabs the dildo and gets behind you. Suddenly, she slams the full length of the toy inside you. No lube, no working it in gradually, no warning. You gasp in surprise.

"Prepare for a good reaming," Miss Wolfe chuckles.

She yanks it out, then rams it back in, twisting it as she does so. Then again. And again. Soon it's a steady rhythm.

You suddenly realize that your cock is rock-hard... and with your hands cuffed behind your back, you can do nothing about it.

But you can't help letting out moans of mingled pain and pleasure.

Miss Wolfe notices your predicament. "What's the matter, little boy? Is the big strong woman too much for you to handle? Does the little boy like being helpless and getting his ass reamed by the big, strong woman? Is the little boy's dick all hard? I'll bet the little boy wants to wank his little boy cock. But if the little boy is lucky, maybe the big strong woman will take pity on him and let him cum."

You moan with mingled pleasure and frustration.

Miss Wolfe lifts you up and lies you on your back on the teacher's desk, driving the dildo all the way inwards.

"If the pitiful little boy wants that nasty goo released from his tiny boy-dick, the boy has to open his mouth wide and the big strong woman will jack him off into his own mouth."

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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