"Sounds wonderful, Ashley."

From Create Your Own Story

"Awesome," Ashley giggles.

Katy smiles. "Count me in."

I sent you up here to spread chaos, not happiness, a voice sounds in your head. You are hereby exiled... permanently.

Welcome aboard, comes a voice that sounds like silver bells. You'll like it with us.

You are trapped in Kerri's body, having lost your powers. But life with Ashley and Katy is wonderful. The three of you have lots of hot sex and enjoy each other's company throughout your lives and after a while, you can't remember having ever been anyone other than Kerri. You and your lovers all pass on within days of each other. And if you thought life on earth with them was fun, life in Heaven -- eternally with your two lovers -- is even more so.

You are possessing:
Dark-haired girl
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