"Strip for me, slut."

From Create Your Own Story

Gina just stands there for a moment looking at you, remembering the look in your eyes as they scanned over her body. She presses her lips to yours and kisses you as she walks over to a kitchen chair and sets you in it. Then she runs her hands down slowly over her body, grabbing her breasts through the robe, then down over her stomach to rest on the tie holding the robe together. She slowly pulls the bottom of the robe open in a teasing fashion, showing you the bikini panties she’s wearing. She pulls them down briefly, giving you a small glance at her tight shaven pussy, before letting the panties snap back into place. She comes up and grinds her ass against you, sort of straddling your lap, as she slowly unties the strings of the robe, loosening it at first, letting it start to slip to reveal more of her cleavage.

She leans in and flicks her tongue over your ear, letting her hot breath linger against it, hissing into it softly. Slowly Gina undoes the tie completely, letting the fluffy garment slide down, but catching it before it falls all the way off. Leaning in even closer she lets most of her bare breasts rub against your chest for a moment that makes your cock ache harder then it ever has since taking possession of this body, but then quickly backs away letting the robe fall, revealing her firm titties completely.

Gina slips a hand back into the bikini bottoms, rubbing her pussy like a whore as she grabs one of you hands. Forcing it to stroke against the inside of her thigh, letting it get so close to her pussy, just when you think your about to get a feel of her moist snatch she lets go of your hand and backs away. Slowly Gina pushes the panties off. With her back to you, bending down as she wiggles it off, her tight ass right in front of you as she’s bent over. Eventually the panties hit the floor and she straightens up, giving you good look at her backside, before slowly turning around to face you, completely naked and ready to fuck.

Do you:

You are possessing:
5-year-old boy
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