"Sure, sis. But I won't be as beautiful as you."

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Val scoops you up and hugs you tightly against her. Your head gets pressed in between her bare breasts.

"Brandon, have I told you how incredibly sweet you are?"

You blush as she sets you down.

"Let's see." Val finds a pair of panties for you and helps you tuck. "You'll need a little something up top."

She opens a drawer and starts rustling through it. "I'm pretty sure I kept them... ah! There!"

She produces a bra that she must have worn years ago and a pair of falsies. "Back when I was just beginning to hit puberty, I wanted to show off the chest I didn't yet have."

She gets the bra and falsies on you, then finds a blouse and a skirt. Then she quickly dresses herself. "One last thing..."

She breaks out the make-up kit, and with a few deft strokes, applies it to both her and you. You look in the mirror. You see one gorgeous older sister and one very pretty younger one.


"Lovely," Val grins. "Now we just need a name... Belle? Yeah, Belle."

The door opens and Jessica sticks her head in. "Val, time for -- huh?"

"Brandon didn't think I could make him into a pretty girl," Val chuckles. "Challenge was accepted."

Jessica walks over to the two of you and scrutinizes the both of you.

"If I didn't know that was my son under there, I'd swear that was a very pretty girl. Anyway, time to stop playing dress-up now. Dinner in five minutes."

You wash off the make-up and get back in your own clothes just in time for dinner. Afterwards, Val takes you back up to her room.

"I'd love to take you shopping this weekend, sis. I'll bet we could fool everyone in the mall."

"You want to dress me up again and make up my face?"

"I sure would, Belle."

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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