"Take some pictures of me like this"

From Create Your Own Story

"You are joking right?" Your roommate is looking at you like you've completely lost your mind.

"I'm serious. I think it would sexy if Jason saw me like this. I want to be his little sex slave."

"That's an image I don't need. Oh, what the hell, where's your camera?"

She finds the camera in your bag and gets ready to shoot. You give several poses; on your back, on your knees, gag in the mouth and hanging around your neck. You even start sucking on your medium sized pink dildo leading to a few closeups. You have a wicked thought about Kaya seeing these pictures after you leave her body, and it gets your juices flowing again.

Your roommate, you now remember her name is Maria, also seems to be enjoying this photo shoot. She even takes the keys and moves your hands behind you for a few shots. She briefly unshackles one of your feet so that she can loop the chain around your handcuffs, locking you in a tight hogtie. You are incredibly turned on now, and as you writhe around as Maria takes her last shots, you swear that a strong breeze on your clit could bring about a mindblowing orgasm.

"Alright, Kaya, I think we've done enough to make him happy, let's get you out of those chains."

With the photo shoot done, Maria getting the keys, and your pussy begging to be touched, do you:

You are possessing:
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