"That's okay, babe, I know of a cheap motel not too far from here."

From Create Your Own Story

Jessica hesitates for a moment, then defiantly throws caution to the wind.

"Get in," she says as she opens the passenger door with trembling hands. You smile mischievously and hop into the vehicle. You guide her down some side streets towards your destination. 20 min and $50 later, you find yourselves in a dimly lit motel room. It's not much, but it'll do the job.

She kicks off her shoes, sits down on the bed, and nervously fumbles with the buttons on her blouse. You eye her with lustful anticipation, wondering if she's noticed the large bulge protruding from your pants.

"It's been awhile... please be gentle," she says apprehensively.

Do you:

You are possessing:
Man in a green jacket
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